June 27th, 7pm.

In an unexpected twist of events today, the premiere date for Book Three: Change of The Legend of Korra was announced. This is very exciting news, especially considering the fact that the date is only one week away from the announcement, unlike the announcement for book 2, which came more than a month before the premiere. Fans have been eagerly awaiting Book 3: in an interview, Jeremy Zuckerman said that the upcoming book of Korra will be much more like The Last Airbender than the previous books.

Here's another twist for you: the premiere will be three episodes long. That's right folks, the first two episodes ("A Breath of Fresh Air" and "Rebirth") will premiere together as an hour long special, and then the third episode, "The Earth Queen", will air right after that. This special treat is likely in direct response to the leaked episodes that surfaced in the past few weeks, in order to minimize the financial damages resulting from that situation. Nick released their trailer for Book 3 earlier than planned, also in response to the leaks, and it seems that speculations of a July airdate weren't too far off from the original plan: after the premiere, Korra will take a break for the July 4th holiday, and return again at the regular timeslot of 8pm on Fridays starting July 11th.

One possible unfortunate consequence of this, however, will be a shorter season. Book 2: Spirits, which had the most episodes of any Korra book, only lasted 3 months. With multiple episodes airing in one night like this, the Korra fandom is in for either a very short season, or long breaks between episodes.

What do you think of this news? Are you excited for the massive dose of Korra next week? Or would you rather have one episode each week? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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