¡¡Bienvenidos a todos!! Welcome all! IBK is here (also known as El SuperSayajin Mexicano) talking to you about something that probably was talked about before on this wiki but maybe not quite like this. After all I could talk to you guys about," Whose your fav character!" But that subject has been milked to death a million times so forget that!

File:Azula Coup.png
I asked myself when I was bored,"what makes a real fan?" You would think that question is rather simple and can be annoyingly answered in a little sentence. But really, what does it take to become a genuine fan of a character? (I am mainly referring to animated characters) Does it take more than simply liking how the character looks? (He looks badass!!!) Does it take more than just saying something like, "Aang ROCKS!!!" Clearly, one would show more "alliegance" to a character than just that. Some people write fanons that are so detailed that they can clearly become their own series, with plenty of chapters, depth of personalites, and overall drama. Others write insanely long charcter reviews detaling just about every aspect of whatever character they are talking about. Others, whether they are veteran artists or not, start drawing their favorite characters in several ways; to draw them the way they wish they would have looked, draw them in scenes of random show they appear in, make simply character portraits, etc. Very talented people even make music videos as a show of respect to their favorite character and may even animate scenes for their fav characters as well!! Others are brave enough to wear shirts representing their fav characters despite the possibilitly of being made fun of, being called a nerd, or harrassed. All of these things can be taken as things that a 'real" fan would do to show their admiration. So are you a real fan? Can you prove it? Then comment away then. XD

Katara blushing

Katara "I get shipped with just about everyone, this will lead to unhealthy obsessions!"

However, is it possible to become too obssessed with some cartoon character? Yes, it is. I have seen for myself and heard about people liking their characters a bit too much. They show so much devotion to their character that eventually their lives may revolve around them. This obsession almost ALWAYS leads to sexual desires. (this is probably where fanon hentai comes from lol) It frustrates me, for example, when I look up pictures of my all time fav Azula, that some several dozen porno- like pics come up. I say to myself,"c'mon, for real, all I want is a nice background pic and this shows up?" Lets face it, almost every "real" fan thinks about those kind of things once or twice. It may be normal to think of those things every now and then(hopefully, this would only occur very rarely lol), but if you start telling people this or you draw sexual related things for your character, then it becomes not so normal. I am an CRAZY Azula fanatic and probably always will be, but I just like any other sensible person, would not fall into this crazy land of hentai/porno character devotion.

So basically, this blog is a 2 part blog(or rather, a blog with 2 paragraphs to respond to, lol) and hearing from you guys is always a joy. So by all means, comment like crazy and tell me what YOU think what makes a real fan and when it can possibly become obsessive. Man this is going to be good! (No se abstengan, cuentame lo que ustedes realmente creen al respecto)

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