My time here was great, MUCH Azula CRAZINESS, GOOOOOOOOOOO AZULA!!!!, great discussions, bitter rivalries born, many new friends....and an over all great time.

I must go now...too many responsibilities, real life is more important, and I felt that irc and the wiki was taking too much time away from my other imporant things in life.....

and besides, I must show 100 percent dedication to my sweet, wonderful, beautiful, my love forever and ever royal. XD

Special thanks to Kai, (why else would my user name be the way it is? Lol) Vulmen, (the Vulmster) Dcasa (who made me an admin at the spanish avatar wiki XD) PSU (the guy people confuse too much) and all the other allies on my list

Thank you all for the great time, and I hope the wiki continues to prosper....

VIVA AZULA!!!!!!!!!!!

Hasta luego, amigos.....

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