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Above- Are there words to describe how beautiful Azula is? NO THERE ISN'T She is just to epically gorgeous.

I have been here on this wiki for a decent amount of time now; I don’t need to say who my favorite character is. Lol However, no matter how much I argued, no matter how much I have persuaded people, no matter how much content I have written, and no matter how much I have drawn, I feel as if my love for Azula is still not satiated enough. This is why I decided to write this review of my only fav character of any show pretty much. That, and because one dude at school got me riled up because he said, “okay, yeah, yeah, you talk the talk but can you really prove you are the ultimate fan?”

With that smart remark of his, I am changing gears from drawing mode to writing mode for just a moment. (I am more of an artist than a writer, but whatever lol) So I hope you like this review! This review may be a bit biased, but think about it, in essence, reviews are biased by nature anyway, so deal with it. Lol If you want to settle a score with me then go ahead and try lol

P.S. (supposedly, some other dude has already written a review for Azula. My thoughts on that? I don’t give a crap that review was probably written a SUPER long time ago, way before I came here, I assume it is not that well known, I don’t know the guy who wrote it, and well, it is probably not that well written. So yeah lol)

Part 1-Personality (Caracter)

I will start with personality, because well, Azula is BURSTING with personality

Wow, where should I start? Well, imagine a girl who happens to be one of your best buds. She TOTALLY dominates in this relationship; if you are better than her in something, she WILL become better than you, she will make you wish you were not better than her in whatever it was you were better at, and will sweep the floor with you once Azula becomes superior. That is one side of Azula for ya

But really, despite the fact that she is like that, she is so much more. Many would argue, but Azula clearly dominates when it comes to personality and character development

Already in the first episode she appears in with only her face to look at, she is already established as a threat, a woman that will never give up chasing down her prey, a woman that once she inevitably accomplishes her objective, will be merciless with you. Later on, she is firmly established as the new villain, befitting her, very evil and seductive personality. She was always sarcastic kind of like Sokka but in a much more hurtful way. She was witty, knowing that in the episode Day of Black Sun Part 2 that without her bending she was at a disadvantage and thus used her acrobatics to successfully get away from Team Avatar, and even then she was cruel to Sokka and giving him a very mean look.

She is controlling, that is part of who she is and always makes sure that her best friends do what she says and if they don’t, they will suffer her wrath. Very evil in that she would have done anything to slay the avatar and embarrass Zuko. But beneath that evil exterior lie the uncertainty, the anger, the anguish, the longing, and the why’s of a very uncertain woman who only needed the love of two parents that would have changed the course of her life. Many would have liked to see her open up more, and while I agree with this opinion, I believe it would have been way too out of character for her to do that, so whatever we did see was more than enough. This will be discussed later in Azula’s Psyche section.


Azula, being the villain she is, does not have “morals in the typical sense of the word. She is evil, no matter how you look at it, but that is due to reasons that will be explained later on in this review. So just hold on until then k?


Oh yeah! Asking if Azula has determination is like asking if IBK is good with the ladies. OF COURSE AZULA HAS DETERMINATION! Contrary to what others say, Azula’s determination is far beyond that of others in this show. Now, let me explain why. I could really sum this up saying just one word, Ozai. To Azula, Ozai is her everything. Everything about Azula has been, in some shape or form, influenced by her father. Azula would do ANYTHING to please her father and gain his approval. Disappointment or failure is a death wish for Azula. In the absence of a mother figure, she is decidedly less feminine than other girls perhaps and takes a more militant and controlling view of life. Amazingly she is not tomboyish (thank God lol) so, this unyielding facet of her personality easily translates to everything else in her life.

For example, her determination to capture Zuko and Iroh, is, terrfyingly clear, NOTHING will get in her way to capture those two “traitors.” Like when she had tricked Zuko into thinking that their father wanted him back at home and not allowing Iroh to speak up against her, then waiting for them at the top of the ship, stating again how Zuko was welcome home, to only betray the two by capturing them is the type of determination one can only admire; not because of the evil intent, but because of her “noble” desire to please her father.

Also, when Azula was surrounded by Toph, Katara, Aang, Iroh, and Zuko, her determination in that instance was to get out of there alive, even if it meant injuring her own uncle. Her belief in loyalty also takes determination, when Mai had betrayed Azula; Azula’s determination to capture the Avatar meant that even the betrayal of a friend was only just another obstacle towards that goal, even if that obstacle was her best friend.

But I believe her best showcase of determination comes from her fighting skills. She was seen training on her ship, constantly trying to perfect her lightning generation. Even when it was obvious to her that she was losing the agni-kai against Zuko, she fought, giving it her all, showing how much she had improved since she first came into the scene and this was despite the fact that she was weakened by her mental state.


Azula is very prideful of herself. She KNOWS who she is and makes it a point to let others know who she is as well. Being a Fire Nation Princess probably helps A LOT in this regard. Lol She believes herself to be superior to everyone else; everyone, except Ozai of course. She expects that everyone who comes in contact with her to bow down and give her a formal greeting and when she gives a speech, she makes it known that she is not a woman to be messing with. The smile she makes when she accomplishes something is one to behold and showcases her pride all the way. All this attention makes her even haughtier than she already is and you may say, “Well, she is way too much of an attention hog.” Perhaps, but she IS the Princess. Period.


Azula, being the person she is, does not trust just ANYONE. There are very few people whom she confides in and trusts completely. Unlike Katara or Aang, she does not readily trust people. Just about the only individuals she trusts are Ozai, Mai, and Ty Lee. Though because of Mai's and Ty Lee's betrayal, her trust shattered and she eventually bansishes EVERYBODY.

Part 2-Her Battle Prowess (Talento militar)

Unlike other, more boring, predictable novices who have to learn how engage in combat as time goes on, Azula right from the start is kickass. She had done all her training when she was very young and thus was ready to unleash her fury by the time she appears in the show. Weak? Timid? Yeah right; she does not know the meaning of those things, she was brutal, merciless, and deadly from the start, so much so that even the Avatar was having trouble dealing with her. In fact, she always had the upper hand when she faced Aang in battle.

Above: Azula, "Yeah, you know I got skills."

Her being called a prodigy is no joke. She truly was one of the most gifted fire benders in all of Fire Nation history. I could go on with a boring explanation of her fighting skills, but I will try to keep this as interesting as possible. Considering that she was already at an advanced level of fire bending and non-fire bending, she did not show any kind of progression, however, she always had a trick up her sleeve, a move she had not shown, a weapon that was concealed all the time; this probably kept viewers surprised alright!

What I like most about her is that, considering that she is mostly at an evil person when she fights, NOTHING holds her back. This is why she is such a deadly force when facing her, apparently, that merciless, brutal fighting method has won her many battles, including the battle she had with the kyoshi warriors.

As such, she almost always approached battles in her own style, again, with no progression typical of that of novices.

Part 3-Looks (Apariencia, Aspecto)

Ah, looks; the ever subjective part of any character. I am going to be honest and will represent what any guy fan thinks of how she looks (since they are too afraid to do so lol) She is easily one of the most beautiful characters of the series, so much so, that apparently she did not need much of a wardrobe change throughout the series. And if you don’t like the way she looks, then, well, that is what fan art is for. Lol

Azula as a child

Kid Azula is the cutest, most adorable little girl I have ever seen! She is sooo cute! Just makes you want to hug her and go ahhhhhhhhhh! (YOU GUYS WILL NEVER HEAR ME SAY THAT EVAHH AGAIN ABOUT ANYTHING except for Azula of course lol) I mean c’mon, is that image the face of evil?

Well, technically it is, but she is cute. Lol Her outfit here is basically what Azula wears underneath her battle armor except smaller. I would describe the clothing for you guys, but I will spare you the boredom. Lol I believe the creators wanted her to look this way to convey to the audience that her cute exterior is NOT what she really is on the inside, rather, it is more used as a story device to show just how wrong it is to judge Azula by her exterior. Because, while this may be the case for everyone, it is more so for Azula. I mean, think about it; would you really think that this picture of a cute innocent looking girl actually is really misleading? I wouldn’t have thought so either. Lol either way we can see that even this early on in her life she had adopted her signature bangs; to be honest; I wouldn’t want it any other way which leads me to….

Azula as the 14 year old we all know and love

Now this is the Azula we know! Many have seemed to mistake her as Zuko’s older sister or being 18 and all that jazz. But really, despite how well developed she is, she is 14, though quite mature looking for a 14 year old. Hell, she looks more mature than the 18 year old girl I went out with for a while. Lol She is almost always seen in the standard battle armor of the Fire Nation, (apparently, there seems to be no visual difference for males and females when it comes to the armor)

Now, in order to be real menace to those around her as well as to team avatar, she had to be drawn in a menacing, threating, yet seductive way(I will explain the latter later) Yes, you know her smile, the smile of satisfaction that is drawn on her face when she gets her objective done. You know those super deadly 2 fingers that are really a human form of a gun that is ever ready to shoot you down with fire balls and blasts of death. But it is the eyes that make this character that she is. You can see the determination I was blabbing about earlier in her eyes, you can see the malice, the evil, the revenge she seeks on Katara, those beautiful, amber eyes she has. They are so mesmerizing I could stare into them all day, but of course, I have other things to do so I don’t LOL I like the color choice the creators decided to go with. Now, you may say, well, everyone in the Fire Nation has those eyes. Well, yeah, they do, BUT, I am glad they went with that color anyway because if they had gone with blue or black, I would have been like, “NOT THOSE COLORS AGAIN!”

This is the Azula that appears almost all the time, however, she has wardrobe changes herself every so often, this is mostly seen in the beach episode. Which leads me to…

The Beach Episode Azula

Now, this is the outfit I beat many guys were wanting to see (since I am the only one who will admit, lol) But yeah, we FINALLY see a change in her outfit, very refreshing indeed; this of course being obviously due to being at the beach. DUH Well yeah, her swim wear I believe was just as unexpected as say, Katara’s was in that it while Katara’s was nice and did not scream attention, Azula’s was ALL ABOUT attention! I think the creators wanted to go with the whole “model” thing. Azula wears a very nice bikini that is revealing but not to revealing and we can see that her bikini is divided into 2 parts. The bottom part is a very short skirt like thing because if it were otherwise preteen boys would cry due to how, uh, for the lack of a better word, hot she is. The upper part I like very much, because it is different to what we typically see. It is all wrapped around her back and supported by this wrap around her neck. Of course, the fire nation symbol is located at its center. So, this outfit is a refreshing, revealing, but not to revealing outfit that proves that even though she is a very non girly character, she can still be girly. This leads me to..

Very ornate dress Azula

I have to admit that I don’t really like how she looks this way, mainly due to how her hair looks and all that. But it is still a welcome change, and don’t let my negative opinion influence yours! But yeah, it is quite fancy, with a very large, heavy looking, and most likely very expensive gold necklace that is quite nice; along with a bracelet, and a gold arm accessory. And the actual dress all wraps at the center. Like I said, I don’t like how she looks that much here, but alas, that’s just me.

Part 4-Azula’s Psyche (La psicologia de Azula)

“Oh no. IBK is going to talk about her psychology again?” Well, hold on! Let me finish. I am going to talk about her psychology in a different way, k? A lot of nonies, which I assume are pretty young, think that Azula is evil for the sake of being evil. Yet, what I like about her is she is part of a growing cast of villains that have more to them than just wanting to destroy or take over the world. In all honesty, all evil acts she had committed were done to please her father. Now then, you, my fellow reader is probably asking, “how do you know that?” “They were barely shown interacting at all!”

Well, to answer that question is rather easy. You do not need to view massive amounts of content to verify something and this happens to be the case. Usually in households without both parents, some children feel hatred, anguish, and ask them, “why?” In Azula’s situation, she practically had no mother, and thus, whatever peaceful, feminine, and calm attributes she would have received from her were not there. And thus, she only had her power hungry father too look up to for guidance and general wisdom.

Unfortunately, Ozai was a very evil and corrupt Fire Lord, and only saw in her daughter a tool to further his insidious plans to take over the world. And as such, a tool to be used by Ozai would need to be a near perfect one at that. From all this we can understand why Azula’s personality, outlook in life, and demeanor are the way they are in the show. To Azula, perhaps the fact that Ozai did NOT abandon HER was what made Azula think that Ozai actually care for her and thus she should dedicate her life and being to the one parent that did not leave her behind. In many respects, Azula is the image of a younger Ozai. In what little we saw and heard of Ozai, we can see that Azula’s statements are molded by his and that her obsession with capturing her brother and uncle and eventually the Avatar was the only way she thought she could gain approval from her father. As such, she viewed Zuko the same way Ozai viewed him, as a traitor and inferior. This is why she mistreated him so much, but, this is where it gets complicated. It’s as if the weak and hurt side of Azula still cared or her brother, which is why she credited him for “killing” the Avatar when it was she that had “done” it, and which is why she did not take out Zuko when she could have during their Agni kai. To be less than perfect was a sin to Azula and she felt that if she was not perfect in every way possible, Ozai may become of ashamed of her, and if that were to happen, her whole world would collapse around her.

When she finally became Fire Lord, she felt that she had completed her mission and that Ozai had finally truly accepted her as his preferred child. Had she been crowned Fire Lord and had ruled, she probably would have not done as great of a job as she could have considering her mental instability.

Her mental constitution cracked, however, when her friends abandoned her. Besides her father, they were the only other people in her life, her lifelong companions, and her trusted allies. Betrayal from them was the most painful and outrageous they could have ever done to her and boy was she pissed. She was understandably hurt both visually and from her voice you could sense a hint of pain and sadness but her anger seemed to cloud all of that. What really got to her was Mai’s comment, “My love for Zuko is greater than my fear of you, and you miscalculated.” The last part, “you miscalculated” especially but the whole statement in general was a stab in the heart for Azula. Mai directly criticized what Azula was all about, perfection and instilling fear in others to gain respect from them. The miscalculation she had made was intolerable, and in the end she ended up arresting her only friends.

While it was VERY commendable and honorable of Mai and Ty Lee to choose to do what was right and realize that their actions had been wrong all along, this unfortunately started the ultimate breakdown of Azula. With even her own friends being untrustworthy, she came to the point where just about anybody is a traitor that cannot be trusted and she ended up banishing everyone. Imagine her fear, her IMMENSE fear of a “comrade” or “ally” betraying your trust and perhaps even killing you when you least expect it. This damaged her core in a very profound way, and this was only just the beginning.

Her mother really was the whole reason why Azula came to be what she is. From what I could examine for myself, in Azula’s way of looking at things, Ursa had shown preference for Zuko and had ignored Azula. The only time Ursa had paid any attention to Azula was to either criticize her or reprimand her. Azula had seen how Zuko received all the love and attention while Azula was washed to the wayside. This had caused a deep resentment in her and subsequently had developed intense hatred and jealousy towards Zuko and that alone explains why she was the way she was towards him throughout the show. The following pic is a very sad picture, but explains in a visual way why Azula took the path she had followed…

Well, that is what I have to say about her psychology; there is much more to discuss but I basically got down to the main points here.

Part 5-IBK’s Personal Opinions of Azula (Mi opinion de Azula)

I have said on many occasions that I think Azula is badass and all that jazz, but I have real reasons as to why I feel so attached to her.

For one, the Beach episode is one I will always cherish. In this episode Azula is a total failure when it comes to dating and socialization. I look back at my life, and Azula reminds me of what I used to be, a complete and total social mess. I could not say a word to save my life, I was super shy, and I dreaded and feared to speak to girls. I was the skinny, unpopular dude at school.

With Azula, we can see how she had little to time for actual fun. In this episode, she seems to really embrace and enjoy having the opportunity of being just a normal teenager. She tried her best to speak to boys, play sports, and just in general hang out, but she failed pretty epically at that. She destroyed her opponents in a volleyball match the same way she would have destroyed her opponent on the battle field. Lol XD I truly enjoyed that scene and it shows that even her evil militaristic ways that are so engrained in her, still pervade her social life.

Her romance with Chan, in my opinion was destined to fail, though I have to admit, that Chan was quite the player to kiss the evil Princess of the Fire Nation so soon like that, even I would have to think that through first! Lol But I think she agreed just so that she could see, even if it were to be only once in her life, how it feels like to kiss someone like that. I so totally connected with Azula at that moment, and I wish that if she ever gets better one day, that she finds someone that truly cares for her and that could finally make her happy.


I have grown up in a country that uses the French grading system, which means that instead of A’s, B’s, and C’s, we use a grading system in which 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. So I will use this grading system to grade Azula. (You got a problem with that? HUH? You wanna fight about it? Lol)


10 out of 10

Azula is bursting with badass personality; her being the villain helps a lot in this regard. This is the CORE of Azula, and really, you cannot “kind of like” Azula. You either love or hate her. And I LOVE her.

Battle Skills

10 out of 10

Do you really want to see a slowly progressing novice character slowly improving over time yet again? Don’t you just want to see an already badass, blue fire bending, acrobatic, and super strong Princess duke it out? I DO.


20 out of 10

Okay, so don’t bash me for the 20. I mean it because she is a beautiful and gorgeous woman who takes my breath away all the time. She was not meant to look like a model, but her Beach episode appearance says otherwise. I do NOT need to see a “normal” looking girl again. Lol


5 out of 10

I try to be realistic here ya know? As much as I try to ignore it, Azula has committed evil things in her life and her only flaw was that she did not question her own self and ask whether what she was doing was wrong.


10 out of 10 baby! That’s right Azula, you deserve it!


Man, I feel SO MUCH better now! I have shown those rivals of mine at University who is EL REY of all things Azula. HA

Well, there ya have it! I hoped you enjoyed reading my review and basically my perspective of Azula. Sure, I could have mentioned A LOT more, but I feel that most other things are just extra or too much to mention and you can find most other things out by reading Azula’s page.

So go all out with your comments below. Agree? Disagree? Did you FINALLY understand Azula by reading this? Or are you STILL in the dark? No problem, I will answer your questions!

Well, IBK out!

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