Hello everybody!!!! (Vaya), it has been a while since I made a blog, and it is about time somebody made a blog about IRC. XD

So anyways, as some may know, I have spent most of the time here on the wiki on Azula's page and IRC. And let me tell ya, on IRC, you meet VERY DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

The conversations you can get into are all fun, annoying, controversial, boring, and downright INSANE. XD

I have made many friends and enemies there, for only on IRC do you REALLY get to know people. I won't name anybody, but you know what I mean. Topics ranging from anything you can think of, you name it, I have been in a debate about it."

(Above) That's right B#@#@#@, I will argue with you till you just make up an excuse to leave. XD

People are always talking about how, "Oh no, you shouldn't OFFEND people." Well, for me, if you don't like what I have to say, you can either argue with me or leave like a pansy. lol THE ARGUMENTS I have been in have been fierce, very offensive, and almost ALWAYS dealing with something controversial. But that is what makes IRC fun in my opinion. I KNOW what I think, and if this random mofo says something that is absurd or wrong, I will fight to the death to get my point across. XD Some people are SO INFURITATING, but hey, whatever, they know they will have a hell of a time with me. >:)

I don't always argue with people though, there are ACTUALLY people who are pleasant to talk to, and I often lose sleep in the process. HA HA HA From video games to politics to cars and to girls (well, I don't talk about girls much anymore, since I already have a girl myself, but I do give dating advice XD) those are my idea of a pleasant conversation. XD Oh yeah, Azula ranks at the top of my list. XD

Often times, the IRC gets DEAD for long periods of time, and only random stuff like "(insert name here) dies" or "(insert name here) picked his nose" will bring it back to life. When it is dead, I mean it is DEAD. It gets really boring, which is why private chat rocks. XD That is what I do most of the time anyways, private chat. I don't want other people gettting in the know of my conversations with other cool people. LOL

Another cool thing about IRC is that you can talk about other stuff besides Avatar; you have another big obsession? Other interests? Then IRC is for you, but if nobody likes or is ignorant of what you like (apparently, working out and construction are topics most of the preteens here don't know much about. XD) then your pretty much screwed.

But alas, I will continue to be on IRC, to argue the crap out of you, to talk about Azula and just have a pleasant time!!!!

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