Hello everybody! I, El GRANDE EmperadorInspiredbyKaizuh have decided to talk about something that I believe has not been touched upon before (May have been but I have only been here for about 2-3 weeks so I wouldn't know XD) Anyways, I have always thought it was strange to see a show like Avatar being on Nickelodeon. As a channel well known for shows such as Cat-Dog, Spongebob, The Farily Odd Parents, and the Rugrats, I always felt that Avatar was of a quality, depth, and maturity way beyond that was expected of Nick. In my opinion, Nick was not worthy of this show. So I got to thinking, what if Avatar was on Adult Swim rather than Nick? Now before you bombard me with hate comments, think about it. Nickelodeon is only going to allow so much depth and maturity on its shows, and that may have limited how mature and deep Avatar could have been. On Adult Swim however, there are no such limits because little kids are NOT the targeted demographic. So Avatar could have had the potential to be super serious, adult, and mature. Now, had this had happened, Avatar would most likely be a very different show altogether, and while I love the show the way it is, on Adult Swim, it could have gone all out with its potential. I look forward to a great and detailed discussion!

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