Hello everybody! IBK here, wanting to tell ya a little piece of my mind. (Also, all of your opinions matter to me, so I WILL reply to what you guys say. Just give me time to get around to commenting on your comments, I usually don't take more than a day. Just to let ya guys know. XD)

Being on the wiki for a fair amount of time know, I can tell you that it has been a wonderful experience.

Opening Avatar logo

Avatar the show that brought us here on the wiki in the first place...

But what is it about this wiki that makes it wonderful you ask?

Well, the wiki could have been like any other wiki, with only pages to look at and nothing more. However, due to blogs, commenting, IRC, BSST, and who know how many other things, all of us users, nonies or users with accounts, can agree that the communication aspect of this wiki has had the greatest affect on us.

What we take away from here will obviously be different for each and everyone of us. Some may remain nonies, others may make accounts, then subsequently never use them. Others may make accounts and make regular contributions. And then there are the names of users that are very well known due to their frequent presence, conversations and debates, and obviously editing.

We are so tightly knit as a community, it is clearly something to admire; something the other wikis may be jealous of or cannot accept.

And this is why I think so many other wikis fail. Because of their lack of communication, there is no collaboration amongst users, no sense of self and uniqueness, and no sense of COMMUNITY. We here at Avatar wiki are a family, for us users, a second family if you will.

Which is why when somebody leaves the wiki, either temporaraly or permanently, it is a sad moment indeed. This is especially the case when the user happens to be a very well known one, who had done many things to change the wiki for the better, and was generally a very outspoken person and nice at the same time. It really is sad when people like those leave, leaving us that remain to think about their legacy here. The "remembered" users.

I love to look at OLD, ANCIENT entries, comments, and blogs here, because it gives me the chance to see previous generations of users that I never had the chance to meet and that no longer come here on the wiki. It is fascinating for me to read THEIR discussions, opinions, userpages, etc. It is like reading a history book. While I won't mention any names, I do sincerely wish that if they had the oppurtunity, that they would come back some day.

We may not always get along, I sure have MY share of heated debates and arguments, and my share of people I just plain don't like, but I generally try to be a nice and funny guy and get along with people. But because of those arguments and such, the wiki becomes a better place, a more interesting one. However, these arguments may lead to defection (due to some users not liking the policies of this wiki or not liking the admins) Some people even thought I defected! But I didn't! XD

So now your thoughts on the subject. (I would have asked you guys WHY you came to the wiki but I didn't for 2 reasons. 1. It is pretty obvious for most people why they are here. Because they are Avatards!!! and 2. most people seem to answer that question in their userpages, so no need! XD)

1. Who do you consider your best friend, your closest ally, the person that has helped you the most, and who is the person that has left that you wish would come back?

2. What is it about this wiki that you find so interesting or interesting enough that you keep coming back day after day.

3. Do you generally agree with what I am saying? C'mon know, don't be afraid to disagree with IBK!

4. Ah, one more thing, have you ever had an unpleasant experience here? (don't mention names! LOL)

On a side note, since ya guys know I was HYPER excited that Azula won the tournament (which was one of the BIGGEST upsets of all time! HA I decided to make a tribute to her by showing you guys this fanart. The fanart IS NOT MINE! It was drawn by some dude on deviant art.)

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