Hello everybody! InspiredbyKaizuh a.k.a El SuperSayajin Mexicano here to talk to all my fellow wikians about another topic that hopefully has not been discussed yet!

As a fan of several shows, and many will understand where I am coming from, I often fantasize what would happen if the Avatar universe suddenly came in contact with the universes of other cartoons. It is a really awesome concept that really has the potential to become one of the greatest shows ever, the crossover.

Imagine how exciting it would be to see your favorite characters from Avatar interacting with characters from the other show you are into. The character development, the discoveries, the fights, the plot twists; wow, it sure is exciting!!

So it is a shame then that relatively few crossovers exist; there is so much creators can do with the concept. Unfortunetely, crossovers are few and far in between for some reason. Copyright issues? Trademarks? Disagreements between creators of shows? Would hypothetical crossover simply not work? It is obvious that there are many who disagree with crossovers, with many seem to base their reasoning in that the story would not make sense.

Not necessarily; all it takes is a bit of ingenuity and planning and a crossover CAN happen. Though, the relatively few times crossovers come around the quality and length of them is usually very poor. Creators do NOT KNOW what they are missing out of.

So, I would like to know your opinions and suggestions as to which Avatar/(random show) crossover YOU would love to see be a reality.

State the following

1. The hypothetical crossover of course

2. Why this crossover should happen

3. And why you think this crossover would be successful

As always, it brings me such joy to see your comments and expressing your opinions. This is most definetely going to be interesting!

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