• InspiredbyKaizuh

    Whaz up dudes? IBK is back, to cause all sorts of mischief on this ol' wiki. Nah, just kidding. I am back cuz my girl royal (under her new name Sokka's Nana) came back, and she needs my protection if some one says bad stuff about her, so for this excpetion, I decided to come back. I still won't be here that often, but whatever, it is kinda fun being back and stuff XD.

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  • InspiredbyKaizuh

    My time here was great, MUCH Azula CRAZINESS, GOOOOOOOOOOO AZULA!!!!, great discussions, bitter rivalries born, many new friends....and an over all great time.

    I must go now...too many responsibilities, real life is more important, and I felt that irc and the wiki was taking too much time away from my other imporant things in life.....

    and besides, I must show 100 percent dedication to my sweet, wonderful, beautiful, my love forever and ever royal. XD

    Special thanks to Kai, (why else would my user name be the way it is? Lol) Vulmen, (the Vulmster) Dcasa (who made me an admin at the spanish avatar wiki XD) PSU (the guy people confuse too much) and all the other allies on my list

    Thank you all for the great time, and I hope the wiki continues to…

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  • InspiredbyKaizuh

    Hello everybody!!!! (Vaya), it has been a while since I made a blog, and it is about time somebody made a blog about IRC. XD

    So anyways, as some may know, I have spent most of the time here on the wiki on Azula's page and IRC. And let me tell ya, on IRC, you meet VERY DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

    The conversations you can get into are all fun, annoying, controversial, boring, and downright INSANE. XD

    I have made many friends and enemies there, for only on IRC do you REALLY get to know people. I won't name anybody, but you know what I mean. Topics ranging from anything you can think of, you name it, I have been in a debate about it."

    (Above) That's right B#@#@#@, I will argue with you til…

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  • InspiredbyKaizuh


    April 25, 2011 by InspiredbyKaizuh

    Inactivity MY BUTT!!!!!

    I am back! YEAH!!!!

    All that homework is done and my workload at my job has lessned so I can go back to the wiki now.

    I feel so awesome being back here and I just read all of your comments. Heh, you guys are awesome! Thanks a lot!!!


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  • InspiredbyKaizuh

    Hello everybody! IBK here, wanting to tell ya a little piece of my mind. (Also, all of your opinions matter to me, so I WILL reply to what you guys say. Just give me time to get around to commenting on your comments, I usually don't take more than a day. Just to let ya guys know. XD)

    Being on the wiki for a fair amount of time know, I can tell you that it has been a wonderful experience.

    But what is it about this wiki that makes it wonderful you ask?

    Well, the wiki could have been like any other wiki, with only pages to look at and nothing more. However, due to blogs, commenting, IRC, BSST, and who know how many other things, all of us users, nonies or users with accounts, can agree that the communication aspect of this wiki has had the great…

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