1) The Chronicle of Osho

The timeline of the new series is set roughly one-hundred and sixty years after Korra's earthbending predecessor, Satori's time. Osho, an apathetic fifteen-year-old introvert in the Fire Nation, who wants nothing to do with the responsibilities saddled with being the Avatar, prefers to seclude himself from others; of course, this habit makes him the worst possible candidate for the socially-demanding position he's been given. He'd much rather spend his days reading comics, playing videogames and watching vigilante movers than to be the Avatar. But in Osho's steadily technologically-advancing time, a plethora of new dangers arise from out of the darkness: a society of Ozai loyalists, a Neo-Equalist movement, an organization of corrupt government agents, spirit tamers, warring crime syndicates on the streets, psychotic religious zealots, etc. Eventually, Osho is forced to realize that there is far too much at stake to ignore his responsibilities. But by absolutely no means does that mean he's prepared to show everyone who he is and what he can do. Instead, he decides to channel his admiration for vigilantes like the Blue Spirit into his profession, becoming an Avatar who conceals his face from the public. And thus, the first vigilante Avatar is born!

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