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    1) The Chronicle of Osho

    The timeline of the new series is set roughly one-hundred and sixty years after Korra's earthbending predecessor, Satori's time. Osho, an apathetic fifteen-year-old introvert in the Fire Nation, who wants nothing to do with the responsibilities saddled with being the Avatar, prefers to seclude himself from others; of course, this habit makes him the worst possible candidate for the socially-demanding position he's been given. He'd much rather spend his days reading comics, playing videogames and watching vigilante movers than to be the Avatar. But in Osho's steadily technologically-advancing time, a plethora of new dangers arise from out of the darkness: a society of Ozai loyalists, a Neo-Equalist movement, an organ…

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  • InnovationIncarnate

    So, we all know that Kyoshi married in her lifetime; she had a daughter named Coco. But even so, gathered from what we know about her, such as her personality and fierce will, here's a random question: what kind of man could she possibly be interested in? A courageous man? Or a gentle one? Out-spoken? Soft-spoken? Domineering? Submissive?  Your thoughts, please?

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