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Indygirl96 January 26, 2012 User blog:Indygirl96

So after much turmoil over the fanon I had planned, I have decided to postpone The Legend of Bloodbenders. The reasoning behind this is that I need to figure out how to write a good fanon first and due to the fact it takes me a while to get to sleep at night, so I think a lot, I came up with an idea for a new fanon. This fanon will be an Avatar adaption of the Hound of the Baskervilles.


Sokka-Sherlock Holmes


Sozin-Hugo Baskerville

Ty Lee-Unnamed maiden Hugo Baskerville captures

Iroh-Sir Charles Baskerville

Zuko-Sir Henry Baskerville

Azulon-Dr. Mortimer

Long Feng-Jack Stapleton

Mai-Beryl Stapleton

June-Laura Lyons

Ozai-John Barrymore

Ursa-Eliza Barrymore


Please do not look these people up, or check out a summary. It will ruin the story.

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