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Good morning/afternoon/evening fanon lovers!

If you did not know who I am, I was the one who mapped out the entire story of Wedible Universe. Unfortunately, that one did not work out too well and I now declare it a dead horse. Well, I cannot beat a dead horse alive. So, now I'm setting my sights to new opportunities.

I love noir. Who doesn't, right? Noir became popular during the rising demand for cinematic productions in the 1940s. The usual premise of a noir movie is that it has to be gritty, dark and sometimes accompanied by a death of someone special. Does any of these descriptive ring a bell? Yup. So, the world of Avatar isn't that different from "noir". In fact, the whole premise of A:TLA was, in itself, a gritty, dark and a "death"-y show.

Moreover, most of the times, a noir setting usually takes place in a congested city. Think New York City. That steel and glass forest is a perfect location to tell good noir stories. Oops, there's that ringing again. That's right. Legend of Korra!

Fortunately, because of technological uprising, accompanied by immigration, Republic City was born. Finally, a city we've all been looking for. A perfect setting for noir.

Right now I'm starting to whip up a couple of one-shots here and there to fill up the whole fanon of Republic City Noir

In case you still don't know what I'm talking about. I will be posting here a blurb.

A collection of steamy one-shots, each story focusing on the dark shadows that inhabit within Republic City. These grim-filled stories feature characters that are broken in spirit. No, you won't encounter anything that deals with the optimistic. This is noir after all. Instead, we go past through the cunning curtains and the illusions it project. We explore the authentic human psyche, the negative effects of discrimination, of death and the cruelty of arrogant benders.

The police force presents itself as a corrupted government agency; an overabundance of gangster squads such as The Triple Threats, the Agni Kais and the Red Monsoons roam the city's parameters, watching and waiting for their next prey; lovers that are not truly lovers; billionaire men that are cynical in nature. All of these are what makes noir so readable and breath-taking to grasp as part of our own reality.


These one-shots aren't for the weak of heart. To reach the ending of a story, one must possess an open mind in order to accept that life really does not have a happily ever after especially if you live within the world of the Avatar.

Now you must be wondering if the Avatar is featured in any of these gritty noir stories.

Perhaps you expect Korra to appear in one of the stories and then save the day, ending the misery once and for all. Well, you're in for a disappointment. The Avatar is absent in the one-shots, probably in some place just not in Republic City. Even the Avatar cannot extinguish human reality. Pain, after all, is part of life itself, as do relief.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy Republic City Noir.

Accepting Volunteers

I consider myself a newbie when it comes to writing and I don't expect many of you to like my way of writing up a story. Unfortunately, English is not my first language so I may bump into some grammatical problems. So, I need help. Of course I still would write the majority of one-shots comprising Republic City Noir, however I can't do it all alone. I am currently accepting one-shots that are of the noir genre.


  • It must be of the noir genre.
  • Setting must be within Republic City.
  • If there is any happiness involved, don't overshadow it with the whole premise.
  • Non-benders strongly recommended.
  • Strictly no Korra. :3
  • Protagonist/s must be original character/s

You can send your one-shots at my email:


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