I would like to point out that I have grand plans concerning my fanon. The PYSC story will be part of a much more bigger universe. After I'm done with PYSC, I will be writing another fanon which will take place at the same time as PYSC. It will concern "a group of curious teenage benders and non-benders finding a mystical artifact that will bring the world closer to the Ultimate Evil". Think of it like the Scooby Doo gang. I really wanted to incorporate magic and mystery stuff to the World of Avatar. After that, will be the last fanon that again takes place the same time as the first and second fanon. It will focus more on the martial arts used in bending and how one man will find solace in a new city. Finally, after all of this will come the uniting fan fiction story of the three. This fanon will feature Yue (as Patience), the main characters of fanon 2 and then the main character of fanon 3. Think of this project as similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Crazy idea right? XD But I'm really passionate about it. :D

So what do you think? I need your comments on this.

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