I have come to notice that Avatar Legend Of Korra, may be coming to a end after season four. Sad to say it enough I don't think there will be another Avatar series and if there is will it be enjoyable because of the time line. This takes place 1920's early 1900's they are all almost 20. So In another 60 years they will be around 80 year's old Korra would have to die for the reincarnation and the next avatar would have to grow up for another 15-17 year's So it would most likely take place in the 1990's I am not found upon that I don't think it would fit in nicely. So most likely this is going to be the last series that takes place sadly. Unless maybe the revolution get's set back a bit, or Korra dies earlier hopefully not. The next Avatar is going to most likely be from the earth kingdom. Tell me your Ideas and speculations what you think could and or happen, or if there going to do another Series. I honestly hope this show keeps on going a bit longer.

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