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Which Element/Nation would you Support and Why?

Iceland77 January 27, 2011 User blog:Iceland77

Hello Avatar Fans of the Avatar Wiki,

You can tell my quesiton by my subject: Which element or nation would you be a part of or bend and why?

There really is no place to discuss which nation you support. Or, if there is, I don't know about it.

So? Which, and Why? I can make predictions for a few of you. And let's just pretend that the Air Nomads existed, kay?

Mine would be the Air Nomads.

They're free. They are creative. They are very powerful, and not to mention, they bend the very stuff we breathe. What's there not to love?

Even though I wanna be an airbender, I love Toph. She's alot like me. weird? K, bye!

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