Sokka as therapist This blog is an official interview of the Fanon Fact Finders. We hope you enjoy it!

Q: Hey Master Ratava, how are you doing today? I have recently read your fanon:Avatar, The Last Skybender. It seems pretty interesting. So I'm gonna ask you a few questions! You ready?

A: Hi Iceland, I'm a little lazy today xD I don't know why, but waking up late makes me feel that I've lost all day... By the way, my fanon title isn't the Last Skybender, bbut the First Skybender hehe. I've made it so it could have a similarity with ATLA. I'm ready, finally. o.ov

Q: So, before we go any further, you should tell me about yourself. Like, what are your interests? Educationally and recreationally?

A: I'm an international trading degree graduated brazilian guy; however my educational interests aren't bound to this area anymore, I like managing stuff, and economics, though everything that pumps my heart is about animation, designing, art concept... I'm about to get be to study, by myself, photoshop, and other programs to begin real animation stuff... like after effects, and maya (I don't know if I'm writing this one right). Despite everything that has to do with my graduation, I've always been interested in anime/manga, and general japanese/chinese/korean culture... I am 26 years old, about to turn 27 in October, and I am kind of a geek/nerd, apparently I am not the kind of "visually identified as a geek/nerd/otaku"... I like cosplays, but I wouldn't be myself a cosplayer. There's a lot of non-anime animation that I like to. A bunch of french ones like Code Lyoko, and Wakfu, also cartoons from the US, as Disney and Warner Bros. ones; or in partnership with the US, as ThunderCats (that I've finished watching the new series first season just yesterday; 1st July) =D

Q: Now, tell me about your interest for Avatar, The Last Airbender. How did you get interested? For how long? What are your personal thoughts on the show?

A: Back in 2009, when I was kind of starting to date someone very important to me (until today)... Actually, it was this girlfriend-to-be (which in case it didn't happen, but that's issue for another time) that downloaded and gave me ATLA episodes in english without subtitles. Which turned to be the first animation in english that I watched without the helping of subtitles. Then after the break-up, I started to write the previous form of my fanon, and got the help of an internet friend, which gave me the idea of the prologue title organization (The Blackbirds Guild). But my interest didn't last long enough after I finished watching, and after the break-up, because ATLA reminded me of her. Anyway... My personal thoughts about it, is that it was the first non-japanese animation that got into my heart without much struggle. Even Disney and Warner's I'm a little reluctant to watch sometimes.

Q: Now how about the Legends of Korra?

A: Korra's been my "weekend joy" for these last months. It's much more likable to re-watch than ATLA, however I don't know if it is because it is a new and high quality animation... I like the story, I didn't like much the ending of its first season, It left me without much to think about what's going to have on the next one. I'm not the theory kind of fan. Above all things it gave me strength to keep on writing my fanon, and my fanon's been my way of letting things that daily upset me go away, into form of text... I do some kind of catharsis...

Q: Okay, now tell me how you joined this wiki?

A: I was/am still suffering from a break-up, but during this semester, I kind of got a way better. I joined the wiki (and Avatar Wiki is my home wiki) because I was trying to occupy my time on the computer, and not being a stalker. Which I actually achieved, and now I don't even use the other networks I used to. Anyway, I joined here on the right time.

Q: And how you got interested fact finders user group?

A: Wings founded it, and I was trying to fit the wiki standards, and be more useful to people here. I was eager to occupy my time and not let my thoughts lead me to "depressive/break-up" zone. So, FFF was the most enjoyable choice.

Q: Okay, could you please explain when and how you decided you wanted to write a fanon? Who or what Inspired you?

A: I decided back in 2009, when I thought, and when Aang dies, what could be of the Airbenders, I thought about "genetics" in thw World of Avatar... And started to think about what if there was another kind of bending, and another land that was "lost". I thought of using "skybending", because it sounded much alike Skywalker (a little of Jedi inspiration here), but there are a lot of others, many of those are anime that I watched: as Saint Seiya, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Shurato. There's a list, remember me to upload it. ^_~

Q:I noticed how the main page of your fanon involves complicated templates! Did you do this yourself?

A: Yeah, I copied the navigation and the header templates from the ones Water Spout made for the BSST (then I changed their looks), the body of the fanon layout structure I did myself, actually I'm planning on changing it, but I still didn't get the chance to stop and actually dedicate the time to elaborate another design.

Q: And, who specifically assisted you in the editing process? What specific role did they play?

A: At first a friend of mine, in the real world ^_^, helped me he even got registered, then due to his studies we got a little apart. Who's been helping me a lot at editing the story are AvatarRokusGhost and MibuWolf, beta-readers; and the guys that had commented already are people that I try to get inspiration from, too. I have been receiving a lot of help by MateyY, but not about the story (this is a surprise that in a future I'll tell.)

Q: I also saw that you crafted it kind of like a script. You have an introduction much like the one in the real show. What gave you the idea to do that?

A: That was the first thing that I wrote about the fanon, at first it was a little different from the way it is now, because the "enemies" weren't called "The Sky Parliament", the original idea was about a "Sky Republic", and because of Korra I changed it. Actually the idea I took inspiration from the first ATLA episode; I even recorded it myself xD huaahuahau

Q: And, what in all gave you the idea of the plot behind your fanon?

A: About the plot, I've been doing some researching about related themes. Most of the plot are the way I thought Bryke could have done right from the beginning of the canon shows, instead of having just 4 bending styles. Not only 5, you'll see. I've been trying to mix the idea of genetics with bending and with some chinese issues... That's the base of my plot. But everything readers can see is the story lines of the characters, and they'll tell the process.

Q: So why did you state the entire process? It's very detailed.

A: About the googling way of researching xD Actually it's the truth, I've dedicated a few hours looking for information and images, and inspiration there. =] I mean, about the chinese centered issues ^_^ That I am not very well aware of, so I still may be a little wrong, depending on the sources I found, but since I've found many and it's a fanon, so I ask readers do'nt take it too seriously; after all I am just one person and those issues aren't my expertise. =]

Q: How much longer do you suppose you will continue the fanon?

A: I plan of keep on writing, I know the idea isn't short, I may be sufficient for a bunch of "books". But at the moment I'm writing the third chapter, so, I have to be patient. =x

Q: How were the reviews for the fanon? I would expect they were very high!

A: I got surprised about readers saying that my writing is addicting, xD I actually loved that. I felt flattered/honoured that my efforts had been good enough for somebody to say that to me. I just hope people enjoy reading, after all, the time spent on the wiki shall be for relaxing and having fun.

Q: Anything else you would like to add Master?

A: I liked very much the way you did your questions, and I think, as I said you'd done, that you nailed it. =]

I'll say an earlier "welcome" to the Fanon Fact Finders. I am just waiting for this interview to get published.

Q: Thanks for your time! When I get your responses I will have a blog post made and possibly ask 888th avatar to feature it in the Ba Sing Se times! Well, bye!

A: Thanks for your time too, I am looking forward to see this interview layout/design and your next interview. :D

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