Sokka as therapist This blog is an official interview of the Fanon Fact Finders. We hope you enjoy it!

1. Hello, Kuzonkid7. How are you? I'm going to be asking you a few questions regarding you and your fanon, The Lost Air Temple! You ready?

Ready as I'll ever be.

2. So tell me about yourself. What are your interests, both academically and recreationally?

Math is what my best subject is. As for sports I do what ever is in season. I'm good enough to play for fun; that's all that counts.

3. Now, tell me about your interest for Avatar, The Last Airbender. How did you get interested? For how long? What are your personal thoughts on the show?

I was watching Nick back in '00 and poof avatar. Then, I got my siblings to watch it (my sister might like as much as I do); and, I got my parents to watch. I have all the episodes with extras on my DVR library.

4. How about the Legends of Korra?

Korra, I watch online right when it came out. Watched it ever since. I have it in my library as well.

5. So tell me about how you joined this wiki.

I was an anon. for about a month, before I decided to join. I yelled at Lostris my first day, but I was in the wrong.

6. Cool. So who or what got you interested in writing fanon? In other words, how did you decide to write one?

Watching The Avatar State. I said "Hey, who's that?" Then I read Heiress of the Nile, Avatar Brek, and Avatar:Guardian. I decided to write my fanon. As I say on the user page, I had some good ideas, some bad ideas, and some ideas that were so horrible, that I had to mention them as jokes.

7. I am impressed by the main page layout! Did you do the coding by yourself?

I could take all the credit for that, but Acer Indonesia did the coding.

8. Are there any spoilers you'd like the audience of this interview to know? After all, who doesn't like spoilers?

Smoke will return in Seasons 2 and 4 with total mastery of his powers. He will even help the new avatar...

9. Who is your favorite character in your series? Tricky question, but I would like to know.(:

I like Cori (dude who is in Book 2, 3, and 4) and Baizken.

10. So are you happy with the reception and comments your fanon has received?

I would like more, but I'm quite pleased with the reception so far.

11. How long do you think your fanon will be until its finished?

A year or two. I want this to go on until I feel that I can conclude. At the end I might make a three part special called A Different Path and it tells how destiny was supposed to flow.

12. Well, it is time to wrap up this interview! Is there anything else you would like to say?

TLAT will go on a two month break after the finale to allow me to start my next fanon series, R.C.P.D. Metal which is written by me and Suzon.

And I myself would like to give you a personal thanks for letting this interview be my first real one! I wish you all the best with your fanon!

Thank you for being the first person to interview me. ]

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