Azula. What comes to mind when you hear that name? A sadistic teenager with mental issues? A killing machine? Well, both come in my mind. Azula is my favorite character. I am going to analyze her and judge her whole character.


Hmm... this is a toughie. On the outside, she is a very well put together girl. She makes sure that none of h
er "allies" rebel against her. She is very decisive and clever. Go a little deeper, and you find her sad. You find anger in her. It is that anger that causes her to move on. Her inner flame, her purpose, is the reason she is so well put together on the outside. She is fearful that her enemies might betray her at any moment. I think there is enough proof by looking at the quote above. Then you go down even deeper, and you find confusion and pain. You find that she really doesn't understand what has happened with her life. She doesn't know why her mother sees her as the way she does. This effects her will of life.

After Mai and Ty Lee's betrayal, Azula's second layer came outside. The fact that the only two people who she thought cared for her betrayed her, just crumbled her. She wanted someone to blame. And she deemed Zuko worthy. Before Zuko left, everything was perfect. People worshipped her left and right. But when Zuko left, her friends did too.

Then there was the hallucination. She imagined Ursa coming to her before her coronation. She saw that Ursa said that she loved her. Azula completely broke inside then. She threw her hairbrush at the mirror, and sobbed.

I have to go. I will finish this reveiw.

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