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    1. Hello, Kuzonkid7. How are you? I'm going to be asking you a few questions regarding you and your fanon, ! You ready?

    Ready as I'll ever be.

    2. So tell me about yourself. What are your interests, both academically and recreationally?

    Math is what my best subject is. As for sports I do what ever is in season. I'm good enough to play for fun; that's all that counts.

    3. Now, tell me about your interest for Avatar, The Last Airbender. How did you get interested? For how long? What are your personal thoughts on the show?

    I was watching Nick back in '00 and poof avatar. Then, I got my siblings to watch it (my sister might like as much as I do); and, I got my parents to watch. I have all the episodes with extras on my DVR library.

    4. How about the Le…

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    Q: Hey Master Ratava, how are you doing today? I have recently read your fanon:Avatar, The Last Skybender. It seems pretty interesting. So I'm gonna ask you a few questions! You ready?

    A: Hi Iceland, I'm a little lazy today xD I don't know why, but waking up late makes me feel that I've lost all day... By the way, my fanon title isn't the Last Skybender, bbut the First Skybender hehe. I've made it so it could have a similarity with ATLA. I'm ready, finally. o.ov

    Q: So, before we go any further, you should tell me about yourself. Like, what are your interests? Educationally and recreationally?

    A: I'm an international trading degree graduated brazilian guy; however my educational interests aren't bound to this area anymore, I like managing stuf…

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    Advice Needed!

    July 1, 2012 by Iceland77

    Hey guys,

    So I really want to apply for rollback, but I can't seem to make great edits. I have no idea why. So for admins, rollbacks, or regular Wikians, please tellme how to make significant edits? What to do, what not to do? I need to get a better hang of this! Please comment on my wall or this blog! Thanks! Ice MessageMePeople • Fanon:The Journeys of a Broken Dragon|Journeys of a Broken Dragon]] 01:32, July 1, 2012 (UTC)

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    June 25, 2012 by Iceland77

    Ok, so i remember when i was a usual/frequent user, I had my fanon series In Azula's Mind and The Legends of Shinkei.

    The Ultimate Waterbender and myself are writing a fanon entitled The Journeys of a Broken Dragon about Azula and her quest for redemption. We have a strong editing team howvere if you would like to be a part of it please contact anyone below:





    Suggestions will also be taken by anyone, in fact they are encouraged! (:

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    "Trust is for fools! Fear is the only reliable way!—Azula to Ursa in Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into the Inferno

    Azula. What comes to mind when you hear that name? A sadistic teenager with mental issues? A killing machine? Well, both come in my mind. Azula is my favorite character. I am going to analyze her and judge her whole character.

    Hmm... this is a toughie. On the outside, she is a very well put together girl. She makes sure that none of her "allies" rebel against her. She is very decisive and clever. Go a little deeper, and you find her sad. You find anger in her. It is that anger that causes her to move on. Her inner flame, her purpose, is the reason she is so well put together on the outside. She is fearful that her enemies might bet…

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