Okay so my brother and I got into an extensive argument over what characters our family would be. This was our conclusion after a few days of bickering. =P

  • Me - Aang
  • My Brother - Sokka
  • My Little Sister - Azula
  • My Mother - Ursa
  • My Dad - ...The Lion Turtle -.-'
  • His Dad - Bumi
  • My Little Sisters Dad - Ozai
  • His Girlfriend - Toph
  • My Boyfriend Tyler - Jet
  • My Dog, Earl - Momo
  • My Brothers Car - Appa (go figure)

Then after all of that was settled... We decided to assign our past lives to a charter, this is what we came up with.

  • My past life - Katara
  • His past life - Suki
  • My Sisters Past Life - Zuko

As you can see, I really didn't choose the characters. He's kind've hard headed.

But I want to see how your family would be. So just post a comment lining your family up with characters like I did. =D

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