Well, okay I've been reading this all day thinking about it, and I think I'm ready to put my thought in on it. I've seen this issue before, and because I was off of work today, I was on the wiki, alone, thinking about what to do with this situation. Remember this is just an idea, and I don't expect this to be done as I have explained. I am open to many things being changed, and hearing your input on what you think should be changed. I will also be perfectly content if this isn't done. Also, again, this is just my idea, and I'd appreciate it if you could not comment that this is a stupid idea, and will never work. I think it's a fix, and understand that hard work and much effort may have to be applied to be put into this to get it to work, but I think this would be an amazing fix to the fanon side of the wiki, and solve many issues it currently has. Please know that this is pretty long, and may chew away at some of your time to read. So, proceed with caution. XD

Immediate move to user space for substandard fanon articles
And Use of "Under Construction" templates on fanon articles fix

The immediate move to space page is a good idea. There is too many fanons on this wiki that have little text, or no story at all. Some are even just sitting there, another example are the ones that have massive walls of text. A user shouldn't post something until it's complete. Maybe that's just the way I am, as I've said before I'm a perfectionist. However, when I make my pages for COI, I usually know what I want to do with it. Until a few months ago, I've completely over-looked the preview button. I used to build my page, save, look at it, edit some more, and so on until it was complete. I don't do this now, because I know what the "preview" button does, lol and I'm not afraid to click it anymore.
However, when I began making pages for COI when I first started here, I always put the "UC" template after 888 showed it to me. Then later I found there was a separate "FanonUC" template. I do believe that users only use the "FanonUC" template to shield their page from deletion, as I used to in my beginning times here. I think what people are scared of most, is the fact that they can't make a quick page, go to school, then come back with it still being there if they don't have the "FanonUC" template on the page. I think it would be much better for people to have their drafts sent to a user space page. This would solve the problem of upsetting users when their page it up for deletion, and give the Fanon Admins a peace of mind when they don't have to hear users complaining about their stuff being deleted. I have thought up a solution for this, that I hope is possible. So, here it is.

Step 1

When a User goes to make a Fanon Page, their first edit, when they first click "Submit", would land in a user space page. If that user where to be finished with their page upon first edit, and is confident that it follows the policy and meets standards, they would be prompted with a message. The message would appear on the top of the space page, like a "UC" would look like. Like I said, if the user thinks they are finished, they can click, "Publish Now", a button that would be inside the message at the top of the page. When that button is clicked, It will display a like-model of the "I agree to the terms of usage" pop up you get on your computer when installing a new game or product. The pop up message will explain in a few sentences the policy, and explain that their page will be marked with an "UC" template after being reviewed by an admin if it doesn't meet the standards. It can only be a few sentences of a pop up, because no one will bother to read it if it's several sentences long.

Step 1.a

From there, the pop up I just mentioned will have 2 buttons, one will say something like "I'm ready to publish" and the other will say something like, "I still need to Edit". Now, if that user decides they need to make more edits, the original message at the top of the page will be gone, replaced by a single button placed next to the "Recent Activity" & "Random Page" buttons, that simply says "Publish". This allows the user to make all their necessary edits, then publish the page easily, without the hassle of copying and pasting on another new page, in another tab.

Step 1.b

Now, If that User decides to publish the page from the double checking pop up that displays the policy, the page would simply be published, and the page would then be reviewed by a fanon admin, or someone of the like. If the fanon admin, or reviewer sees that the page isn't up to standards, then the "UC" template would be placed, auto-sending a warning to the users talk page, saying that they have so many days to fix the issue before the page is moved back to the user space page, which also, would be hands free. By that I mean, that the so many days provided would be a timer, and once the timer is up, and the edits have not been made, it would automatically move it back to the space page. The same process would continue until the reviewer sees that it's up to standards, or needs to be permanently deleted.

Okay, I know this is a lot to read, but again, I've thought about this all day while I've been bored. So bear with me. lol

Step 2

Now, we will have the problem of people continually publishing without making the necessary changes, forcing the reviewer to constantly review the same thing over and over. So, for that, the "Publish" button will receive a cool down effect after the review has bee the same publishing twice, that would be activated with hands on use of the reviewer, or fanon admin, which ever we choose. By that, I mean the reviewer would have to go, and activate the cool down time manually, as punishment to the author for publishing the same thing twice. The cool down could have a set time, as chosen by the reviewer from a list of times.

Step 2.a

I'm thinking of the following times that could be chosen for cool down:
*1 hour, for minor changes that need to be made. (i.e, red link fixing)
*2 hours, for more than minor changes. (i.e, word usage, tense fixing, and/or spelling)
*3 hours for a larger amount of edits that need to be made. (i.e, countless spelling problems, countless red links, etc.)
*5 hours, which would be the max, for major fixing that needs to be done. (i.e, makes no sense whatsoever, wording is horrible, tense usage needs major fixing, etc.)
Now, keep in mind this is just a brain storm, and the cool down times could be fixed/changed as needed.

Step 2.b

Okay, now say the user has received a cool down, and doesn't know why. Once a cool down is applied to the "Publish" button, another button would appear next to it, saying "Help Me", or something like that. When the button is clicked, a pop up will appear displaying the same few sentence policy I mentioned before, along with links to the policy page. The user can read the provided text, and see if that helps them. If it does, they will have a button at the bottom of the pop up saying "I Get it Now". If the user still doesn't understand, they can click on a second button at the bottom of the pop up that says "I Need More Assistance" or something like that.
Clicking this button, the user will receive another small pop up, warning them that by asking for more assistance will add 30 Minutes to their cool down (because they are taking up/wasting the reviewers time). The user can accept the penalty, or click a button that says something along the lines of, "Go Back".

Step 2.c

If the user decides to accept the penalty to their cool down, a new window will pop up, with a special leave message page, that when the user submits, the message will appear on a space page of the reviewers, dedicated to assisting the user with the required edits. When the reviewer answers the questions asked by the author, and the reviewer is finished assisting the user with making the fanon article up to standard, the reviewer can manually remove the cool down on the authors "Publish" button, and thus, the page can be published with no problems.
Obviously, we will have frustrated users, messaging the fanon admins on their default talk page. I can't think of any other fix to this, other than them being ignored, or replied that the admin cannot answer the questions on the talk page, and the user must ask for more help from their space page.
Okay, guys, you're almost done reading, lol.

Step 2.d

Now, What are we to do with the pages that have received the countdown timer, and changes aren't made?
Well, What we could do is, since the so many days count down timer template would auto-place a warning saying edit's need to be made, and forces the article back into the authors user space page when it's time is up, we'd delete it after a certain amount of time. A user needs to be dedicated, thus makes for a good fanon. If the user makes no edit's to their fanon after their count down is up, and the fanon page is forced back into the space page, and no edits are made in, let's say, 30 days, the page would simply be deleted. The user obviously doesn't care about the page, and if so, maybe they'll do a better job the next time around.

Step 3

Okay, so here is my suggested solution for 'Force all fanon article titles to be structured in the same way.
So, when a Fanon article is created, the user would simply type the desired name of the page in the required field. When the page is published upon click of the "Publish" button, the tile of the article would be "forced" to the proper structure, Fanon:PageName. This would free the user of having to know how to name the page properly, and keep the wiki clean and orderly.


Basically this would be a new, redone "Create New Page", designed for fanon pages only. That's the way I see it. Maybe this idea is too far fetched, but It would solve many issues. Anyway, thanks for actually reading the whole thing, and let me know what you think. Again, this is just an idea that I know would require a lot of work to get the ball rolling. I'm open to suggestions/changes, and I am completely fine with an admin telling me no, and explaining why. Please don't say the idea is stupid, or anything along those lines. If you think it is, then don't comment unless you can word it without sounding like a brute. I'm sure that between all of the great minds behind Avatar Wiki, we can get this to work if people think it's a good idea.

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