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Photobucket - Basic Tutorial

In this tutorial, , I, Ianbernard, will explain to you how to use pictures from your Photobucket. Our wiki policy basically says that you cannot upload a picture to the database here if the image is going to be only on your user page. Reason being, is they take up too much space to only serve one purpose. Well, there is a backdoor to get around this. This tutorial will walk you through that backdoor, so you can use that pretty banner you made for yourself on your user page, or talk page.

Step One - Create a Photobucket Account

For starters, you're going to need a Photobucket account. Make one by clicking here. You can register by filling out the required feilds, or by connecting with either Facebook or Twitter.

Step Two - Upload Your Image to Photobucket

Now that you've made your account with Photobucket, you can upload your pictures in an album. It's a big green button at the top of the page that says "Upload"... You can't miss it. Click that, then follow the directions on screen to upload your image.

Step Three - Use Your Photobucket Here

Once your images are uploaded, you'll find yourself in an album, that looks like a matrix view of all your images... duh... Now, all you have to do to is hover your mouse over the image you're wanting to use, and copy the provided "Direct Link". Once the link is copied, paste it where you want the image to be here on the wiki. You don't need to wrap the "Direct Link" in any brackets. It looks like a URL, and that URL, or "Direct Link" is all that needs to be placed.


Result →

That's It!

Congratulations, ! You should now know how to use images you've uploaded to Photobucket on the wiki. However, normal image policy still applies. Don't put images containing nudity or any of that good stuff on the wiki, because you'll get in trouble. If you still need help with using your Photobucket images on the wiki, go to the top of this page and click the "Ian's Talk Page", and leave me a message titled "Photobucket Help". Myself or another member will assist you ASAP. Thanks for reading my tutorial.

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