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Linking - Basic Tutorial

In this tutorial, , I, Ianbernard, will explain to you how to properly link external pages, and how to link wiki pages using Source editing mode. Linking a page is very easy, and something every user should know how to do. There are a few different ways to link pages when editing. You can also link pages in a comment, and this tutorial will explain how to do that as well.

Linking Wiki Pages

(This method is used for both Source edit mode, and in commenting.)

If you're linking a wiki page, for example, Aang's page, you would use double square brackets to wrap the target page's name.

[[Aang]] Result → Aang

If you're wanting to link to Aang's page, but want the link to say Kung-Fu Action Jesus, you would still use double square brackets, but after you type the target page's name, you would type a vertical line (by pressing Shift+\ on the keyboard), and then the desired text the link would display.

[[Aang|Kung-Fu Action Jesus]] Result → Kung-Fu Action Jesus

Linking Fanon Wiki Pages

(This method is used for both source edit mode, and in commenting.)

If you want to link a fanon wiki page, such as Eyes of Katara, you would use double curly brackets (by pressing Shift+[ on the keyboard). After the first two curly brackets, you'd put a letter "f", then a vertical line by pressing Shift+\ on the keyboard),then the fanon page name without the "Fanon:" part.

{{f|Eyes of Katara}} Result → Eyes of Katara

However, if you want to link a fanon wiki page, such as Eyes of Katara, and would like the link to say something else, like Vulmens Awesome Fanon for example, you're going to have to use the same method that you would use if you were linking a normal wiki page (be sure to include the "Fanon:" part of the page name for fanon pages).

[[Fanon:Eyes of Katara|Vulmens Awesome Fanon]] Result → Vulmens Awesome Fanon

Linking External Pages

(This method is used for both source edit mode, and in commenting.)

If you'd like to link an external link, like Facebook for example, you would use singe square brackets to wrap the URL, and a space to separate the URL and desired text or phrase that would be displayed.

[ Facebook] Result → Facebook

[ Sign Up for Facebook] Result → Sign Up for Facebook

That's It!

Congratulations, ! You should now know how to properly link pages when commenting and when editing in source mode. However, if you are still having difficulty linking pages, and need further assistance, go to the top of this page and click on the link that says "Ian's Talk Page", and leave me a message titled "Linking Help". Myself, or another member will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for reading my tutorial.

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