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ChatZilla! - Moderate Tutorial

In this tutorial, , I, Ianbernard, will explain to you how to properly set up your ChatZilla! IRC client to chat in our wiki's chatroom via the client. There are a few things you need to set up to get it up and running, and I'll walk you through your setup step by step.

Step One - Install ChatZilla!

For starters, you're going to need to download the ChatZilla! client. ChatZilla! is an add-on for Firefox, and can be downloaded here. Just follow the onscreen instructions, and when it's installed and opened, continue to step 2.

Step Two - Add the location

Now that you have ChatZilla! installed and opened, click "ChatZilla" in the upper left hand corner, which brings up a drop-down menu, click "Preferences". You should now have a window that pops up, that has you on "Global Settings" under "General".
From there, navigate to the "Startup" tab. You should see "Script files", and beneath that, "Locations". Forget about Script files, and scroll down to "Locations". Next to the empty white box, click the "Add..." button.
A "Prompt" window will pop-up, and type in "irc://", click okay, and you now should have what you just typed in that white box.
Now move on to step 3.

Step Three - Add your "Auto-performs"

Now that you have added your IRC location, click "Apply" and close preferences, then ChatZilla itself. Now, reopen ChatZilla, then preferences, and you should now see "" under "Global Settings". Click, and you should be seeing the "General" tab. Navigate to the "Lists" tab, and click the "Add..." button under the "Auto-perform" section.
A "Prompt" window will pop up, and like last time, type in the text feild, but this time type "/join #wikia-avatar". Doing this will make you automatically join our chatroom when ChatZilla! opens.
You should now see what you typed into the prompt window in the white box under "Auto-perform".

Step Four - Adding your log-in info

You should already have a registered nickname with freenode, and if not, this is not the tutorial for that. So assuming you already have a registered nickname, let's continue.

Click "Apply", close preferences, then ChatZilla, and reopen ChatZilla, then preferences again, and you should now see "#wikia-avatar" under below "Global Settings". That's good! Now, go back to, and under the general tab, scroll down to "Identification" and fill out the text fields.
Now, go back to the "Lists" tab, and click "Add..." under "Auto-perform" again. Type in the "Prompt" window "/msg NickServe identify yourpassword"
Doing this will make ChatZilla automatically sign you into freenode. Now, click apply, close preferences, and restart ChatZilla. You should now be all set up!

That's It!

Congratulations, ! You should now have your ChatZilla IRC client all set up and ready for chat in our chatroom. If you still need help with setting up your ChatZilla, go to the top of this page and click the "Ian's Talk Page", and leave me a message titled "ChatZilla Help". Myself or another member will assist you ASAP. Thanks for reading my tutorial.

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