Hi all. I have returned with both good and bad news. I like to end on a lighter note, so lets do the bad news fist.
Bad News:
Chronicles of Ian , my fanon, is no longer being worked on. I couldn't think of anywhere for the story to go to start book 2, nor did I have time to work on it. Due to lack of time, I grew apart from the story.
Okay that's enough of the bad news.
Good News:
I was going through the files on my computer, and I came across the rough draft of Book 2, Chapter 1 of COI, and I decided after reading it that I should share what I had written out with my friends here. So this is the unfinished, unpublished, very rough draft of the beginning of what I could have elaborated on and continued the story, but seriously, I just lost interest in the story.

Parts of this excerpt may not be appropriate for children under the age of 15, nor may it appeal to all targets. Please read at your own risk.

Avatar The Last Airbender
Chronicles of Ian
Book 2
Chapter 1

Ian woke up in a haze. His vision was blurred, and his eyes watered. He went to stand, but he was pulled back down to the ground by the shackles attached to his reddened wrists. The cold air gave him goose bumps. Bound to the floor, Ian huffed when he realized he'd have to wait still until his capturer revealed themself.

"Show yourself! I don't have time to play these petty games." Ian shouted out to whoever could hear him.
Why is it that now more than ever that I get stuck in (Hidden for child safety) situations? I should have never listened to Jet. That no good (Hidden for child safety) got me stuck in some camp surrounded by nothing but the red armored, fire master vessels of dishonor. For someone I'm supposed to be sharing the rest of my life with, he sure doesn't do a good job of keeping me out of sticky situations such as these. I love Jet... but I'm starting to-
"Good morning, Ian." A maturing voice called into the metal room from the doorway. "I hope you are at least slightly comfortable."
"What do you want from me?" Ian asked. "I'm a mere unfortunate pedestrian. Please, this is a mistake!" He tried to convince.
As the interrogator stepped closer, the light from above the ground shined onto a scarred eye.
...The Banished Prince... Ian recognized.
"You don't have to waist your energy lying, Ian. I know exactly who and what you are. In fact, rumor has it we're actually alike in many ways, you and I. Is that true, Ian?"
Ian puffed his bangs out from in front his face. "Well, that more than likely depends on in exactly what way you’re describing us as alike."
"Ah, the riddler...” the interrogator sighed. "You know, that’s one of the few names the people have given you."
The interrogator walked over to a control box in a corner of the metal room, and begins to crank. The chains that bound Ian began to move, making Ian switch into a (Hidden for child safety) position.
"Your lover Jet, here," The Prince introduced with a motion of his hand. "has told me just about every piece of information I needed to know. I know exactly where the Avatar is at this very moment, thanks to Jet."
The Prince began to walk out the room, leaving Jet in the metal room with Ian. "But don't worry, Ian, Jet's begining to enter the second fase of his high. Soon, he'll be having his way with you, and you will be immobilized."
As the Prince closed the door behind him as he left, Jet began to walk slowly toward Ian, (Hidden for child safety) Licking his defined lips, Jet rubbed his (Hidden for child safety)
Ian suddenly felt hurt. Not the hurt that one would feel if they broke a bone, but the hurt that one feels when they realize that all their faith for their relationship with someone is gone forever. Tears began to creep down Ian's cheek, as Jet begins to undress them both, Ian remembers the Jet he fell in love with.
Jet and Ian stood side by side during the invasion of the Northern Water Tribe. After the battle was over, The Freedom Fighter grabbed the Water Bender, and pulled him slowly into a passionate kiss.
Jet pulled away and looked deep into Ian's eyes. "Ian, I've never felt for anyone the way I feel about you. I don't need to have sex with you to share the rest of my life with you. I just want you to be here with me. Just as long as you’re around, I'll be complete.” Tears began to fill The Freedom Fighters eyes. “I don't ever want to lose you, Ian."
At that moment, Ian understood what love is. Never has he felt that feeling of infatuation melt down and grow into a deep level of love that simply cannot be ignored. Ian had finally been truly loved by someone.
But, those days have passed. That Jet has disappeared. Jet is now brainwashed and corrupted by the Dai Li, who work in favor of The Fire Nation Princess. Now, Jet responds on command, taking any order from Prince Zuko. Many things have changed since the invasion of The Northern Water Tribe.
Ian has been following his own path with Sokka. They've grown pretty close over the past few months. Aang decided that he didn't need Ian to show him the proper techniques, and declared that Katara could teach him all that he needs to know. Sokka decided to join Ian, because he wanted to search out his father. A parchment was found, detailing that a group of Southern Water Tribe troops lead by Hakoda would be docking in Ba Sing Se harbor. Sokka wouldn't pass up this opportunity to see his father, and it's a good thing that he's accompanied by Ian, who is both protection and friendship.
Ian and Sokka have been in Ba Sing Se for a good few weeks now, waiting for whispers of a Southern Water Tribe Navy brigade. So far, they've heard nothing. Jet was actually supposed to join them on their journey, however upon their arrival to the city, Jet became obsessed with trying to prove that one citizen, some boy who worked in a tea shop, was in fact a Fire Bending, Fire Nation Spy. Ian, nor Sokka agreed with Jet. They thought he was crazy. The kid that Jet was accusing was obviously around their age, and had a scar on his face which could have only been a result of a Fire Bender unleashing their unpredictable power. Jet began to disappear for hours into the night during their first week in the city, and one day, he left… never to return.
Until now, Jet had been missing. Ian and Sokka were just becoming used to it being just the two of them. Jet not being around had become... normal. Ian lay on the floor in tears. Being un-consensually taken advantage of was a new, soul crushing experience.
While Jets (Hidden for child safety) through the thread of their undergarments, Ian began to breathe chivalrously, praying for the end of this experience to come quicker. Jet began to reach (Hidden for child safety) (Hidden for child safety) Just before Jet would thrust into the Water Bender, Ian opened his eyes when the feeling of Jet against him was suddenly not present. Ian heard what sounded like a quick swing of a sharp, thin blade... then the thud sound of Jets head hitting the floor.
Ian turned to see as much of behind him as he could, and he saw the headless body of his companion, lover, and friend collapse to the floor.
A blue and white colored, masked, masculine person stepped in front of Ian. The strangers two swords made the Water Bender sweat as they relaxed in the strangers hands on either side of his head. The masked man raised his swords, preparing for strike.
"Why are you trying to kill me!?" Ian gulped as sweat beaded down his face from his hairline.
The stranger made his blades whistle and they cut through the air, and sliced clean through the shackles that bound Ian to the floor. "I'm trying to save you." He replied before turning his head away.
"Save me? Why?" Ian asked as he pulled himself up.
"We don't have time for me to explain right now. Just follow me, I'll explain everything later."

So, that was what I had written to continue the story, but never got around to it. Ian will be back in an all new adventure, in a whole new setting with a set of brand new characters, new drama, new evil, and new power. So stay tuned for more information on the all new fanon written by me, coming soon to computers everywhere.

--  Ianbernard  Wall  Hawky Awards  Facebook  17:16, March 18, 2012 (UTC)

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