Hi all!
As some of you may know, I have discontinued Chronicles of Ian due to the fact that I lost interest with the story. I am however working on a new fanon that I will be steadily rolling out news and updates on. COI was well written, and I enjoyed the story, however it was innapropriate for children, and not suitable for all readers. My target audience was limited because of this. So now this new fanon, Adventures of Tathar, will be directed and targeted for a more abundant audience, children included, and hopefully the response and feedback will be much more pleasing to my eyes. So, enough with this introduction, let me tell you what this blog is about!

Get Creative

I've created this blog so that you, , and the rest of Avatar Wikia can not only help me create characters, but have a sense of attachment to the story. I want everyone to be able to say "I chose that characters name!" or "I helped decide what this characters motive is." etc.
If you're reading this in excited shock, then let me just confirm for you that yes, you get to help me create characters for my new fanon! The process is very simple, tell me your idea in a comment below for your character ideas. As of now I have more than a few characters ready to develope on. Yet several more are needed before I can start actually working on the story. Sure, I have countless rough draft word documents on my computer, but in order to put them all together and make it a great story, I need to now develope characters. So I decided that instead of letting myself suffer a headache from trying to do it all in a timely manor, why not have fun with it and let you guys help me?

What I Have Thus Far

The following is what I have (that I'm ready to share). It's not much, but it's still early in development, so don't worry, there is still much more to be released.


Tathar is the son of a nomadic water tribe couple. He travels the world with his parents and two younger siblings. When the Earth Kingdom starts to demand more land, things get quite uneasy for Tathar and his family, and even more so when Tathar unexpectedly finds out he is the Avatar.

  • Has a single tattoo of an Ankh on his hip that glows when he is in the Avatar State.


Enelya is a young woman traveling the world in search for herself. Short-tempered, sarcastic, yet sweet, she wont take anything from anyone. She's been on her own for several years after her parents suddenly disappeared, never returning from their journey to discover the legendary fountain of youth.

  • When Enelya gets very serious during a fight, her red hair begins to float like it would if she where under water.
  • She doesn't know how to manifest fire, only how to control fire that has already been manifested. Thus, she's invented herself a device she straps to her forearms that creates fire for her, much like a lighter.