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Okay guys and gals, I've been wanting to do something fun that really connects our users via internet, and tightens friendships here. I recently finished a game of Exalted with my brother, and then it hit me. I want to host an Avatar RPG via the internet. I know many things need to be planned, found, and figured out, but I think for those that would want to play with, could. I already know most the answers to the questions people will ask, and have already found great resources that would assist us in play (i.e, Dice Roller)


Okay, I know many would like to play, but please be serious when you say you want to be part of the RPG. No one likes a childish player when playing an RPG, and no one likes a quitter. I'd like to have only more mature people to play, and those that already have some basic knowledge of RPG. If you would like to play, and have very little knowledge on the function of play in RPG's, do some research. Obviously if you're reading this now, you have internet, and know how to find a wiki. Here is the wiki for Exalted. There you can brush up on the game rules, and get a feel of how it's played.

Who, When, Where

Anyone that want's to join in on playing will be listed here. The more people, the better the game will be. We will need people to play characters that are, benders, swordsmen, etc.. We will need a great storyteller, preferably one that writes fanon, and can take the story in an awesome direction. Not just anyone can be the storyteller. This person needs to have a creative, and serious mind, or people will become bored with the story, and stop playing. Yes, the storyteller must keep people on the edge of their seats to have an awesome gaming experience.

A date for the first day of play will not be set right now. There are things we need to take care of first, and this needs to be well thought out before we begin to play. For if we don't plan well, we will find ourselves stuck during play, and will result in having to quit mid game, or will result in an unsatisfying game experience. Once we have a nicely sized group of people that want to play, we will then begin working on making a character sheets, item catalog, etc..

We would be able to play via internet, probably through a program like Skype. Unlike the traditional sitting down together, we'd be on a conference call, sitting down, playing together. This will be more thought out, and organized once we have a good sized group of people to play.

Become a Part of The Play

To join in the play of this hopefully upcoming Avatar RPG, simply post a comment saying you want to play, and I'll add your name to the list. Note that this has nothing to do directly with Avatar Wiki, and is just something fun for the community that I would like to get started.

Storyteller Info

Obviously, the storyline wouldn't take place during Avatar Aang's life, but in an earlier life, or later, depending on the storyteller. Aang and his group would have no part in this story, and we would have our own characters, and our own story. The storyteller must have a long story that we wouldn't get bored with, and a creative mind. A traditional RPG would take a while to complete. Preferably, the storyteller must already know where he/she would want the story to go, but allow the story to go with the flow of players actions.

How Long Will This Take

A normal RPG is played over a three month period. I know it seams like a long time, but we aren't going to play for three months straight, that would be insane. We would schedule a day of the week to play, say Saturday nights for US/Sunday mornings AU, and play for 2 hours a night, every Saturday (if that's the scheduled day), for three months. In simpler terms, we'd play for 3 Months, 1 Night a week, for 2 Hours a night.

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