There has been some discussion on a new character in The Legend of Korra series. Some say his name is Meelo, and some say it's Mezlo.

I personally think it's Mezlo, because the supposed second "e" looks like a "z". If you notice whoever wrote on that image, had some rough handwriting. However, I write my "Z"s with a line through the middle, so when I do math, I don't get the "Z"s and "2" mixed up. Thats what the supposed second "E" looks like to me, a "Z" with a line through the middle.

Does the name "Meelo" sound right to you? Not to me. He is supposed to be a firebender, from Fire Nation decent. "Mezlo" sounds much more like a Fire Nation name than "Meelo". And we can't say that the name "Mezlo" doesn't fit into the avatar universe, because the only avatar universe we know was from the original series, a good lifetime ago.

So now I start my debate. Meelo or Mezlo?

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