Okay, so I was bored one day and decided to watch Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. And I've read all of the books and I started thinking that some elements of avatar (literally speaking and NONliterally) really mix with some elements of Greek Mythology. Whether it's the characters, the environments, and their way of living and social classes. Ex: clothes,houses, way of leading, etc. This merely applies to ancient Greece and their Mythology. (P.S. First attempt at a blog post. Wish me luck! :D)

Okay, so here's how things are going to work: If you have any ideas or similarities in mind, feel free to comment or on my talk page. Second: I will also put elements, and characters in lists and you will decide which of the two I choose go together well with. Ex: Water- Poseidon OR Oceanus.

There will also be a Team Avatar competition to see which mythological character best suits their personality. Wish me luck and feel COMPLETLY free to help out!


Water- Poseidon OR Oceanus

Earth- Demeter OR Gaia

Fire- Hades OR Hephaestus

Air- Hermes OR Apollo


Aang- In comments soon.

Zuko- In comments soon.

Katara- In comments soon.

Toph- In comments soon.

Sokka- In comments soon.

Suki?- In comments soon (maybe)

Have a category idea? Post in comments or on talk page!

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