This Blog post is a Double Feature. The first half has been made before I have seen yesterdays (June 16th) episode. The Second half -after and of yesterdays episode. I am going to separate the two episodes with a multitude of pluses. The reason for this is so that if a person wants to comment on both, by default of how I have formatted my post we will be aware of the context. Or you could just name the episode your responding too...whatever. :P

And so we begin...

Is it just me or is this the first cartoon to give reference to a ...bathroom systems. What are these people?!?! HUMAN!?! ...Oh... right.

Anywho there are a few main things that this episode brings up that I think should be talked about.

The biggest thing first is we finally get some answers. We learn about Yakōne; Who he wa
Yakone smirking
s and why he matters (more or less). While I still find the moments of when the past flash backs occurred curious... I think there is a possibility that I am thinking too much about it and that it's just for the sake of excitement, wonder, and story. That's what I am telling myself at least...for now.

In this flash back ( of which it appears Korra was feeling the pain and stresses of of Aang as if she was really there) we learn of Yakōnes choices, unique knowledge, and child. While this is very interesting, for most of us it must of been sheer glee in hearing the Gaang all grown up.

Aang (now 40) , Toph, and Sokka all in their respective

Older Aang
positions. For me It was a sheer pleasure to see what the last true airbender Avatar can do. I imagine for the wayward bystander Aang looked like he was floating standing on his trademark ball of air as if it was flat earth. But even that is not the most interesting thing. It's what Aang does when he takes Yakōnes bending away. His position of his hand upon head and chest...just like before with Ozai. Then later we see Amon routinely place his respective digits on the head and back of I find myself asking if placement really matters in the event bending is taken and how. More on that in a moment.

You see...while this is all very good in the terms of conclusions and "possibilities with evidence", I find myself asking why is this overall flash back is relevant? While Korra does out right say "Aang was trying to warn me about Tarrlok". WHY?!?! The current eras bending crime lords are gone! Tarrlok isn't even the main threat, he is a side offering from a past debacle! A distraction to the main course who kicked Tarrloks ass in the end. THIS IS YOUR THREAT?!! In most of the past episodes the impression was given that the flashbacks had something to do with Amon (due to timeing). I wonder if Aang is simply reacting to what he interacted in his lifetime and ask what the possibilities/limitations of what the "past" avatar sprit (in a manner of speaking) can see.

Than I thought about of what Sokka said

Older Sokka
Suddenly the flashback had the possability of cadence. If you can find a way to bend blood without the moon (with your eyes no less) what's to say that you can't take it a step farther with Chi Blocking. While it's not exactly "bending" it is a skill could possibly be improved upon. While it doesn't give us an idea of how a sprit may be invovled, one must keep mindful of the possibilities. Unless we "know" we don't. And often...we don't. I may be reading in-between the lines.. so think of it as food for thought.

Whatever the reason for Aangs direction, it can be noted as a given that it is still a big step for Korra, and I look forward to seeing if "Aang" can speek again before Season One of The Legend of Korra concludes. As for Amons basis of his ability be it Sprit or Progression of an Art- Amon is indeed a master of it. Before seeing this episode To resist blood bending you either had to be a master water bender of high skill or the one and the same basically. Than Amon steps in and de-bends the notion too... Like a Boss. A Big Boss. Ready? FIGHT!

Amon being bloodbent



Welcome to the world Rohan, you classic story metaphor you ( and so the city burned).

Republic City under attack

This Episode is even less of questions than the last and double the lack of evidence to answer past questions...though this is understandable.

This episode is to see a portion of the world burn... again.

Tenzin airbending Equalists

This episode Is to see a glimpse of what the last airbenders can truly do.

To see the Equalists add insult to injury and "Metal bend" the metal benders.

To see the Lieutenant have a really bad day...again.

To prepare the viewer for what is to come for this season and the next.

Tenzin attempting to save Saikhan

Tenzin attempts to rescue Chief Saikhan

This episode was of sacrifice.

It's a pity Toph isn't alive(?)...a Mothers rage + Toph = This is why Toph isn't alive because if she was there wouldn't be a

Lin stopping the Equalists

Lin slowing the Equalists down, so that Tenzin and his family can escape.

second season. In her last moments I think Lin did her mother proud by repeating a glimmer of history. Its been fun watching her do things her way.

I always *knew* that one main character was going to lose their bending - though I proposed in my head through sheer imagination that Katara would lose her bending. Could You IMAGINE the explosion of the internet if that was to actually occur?!?! Oh man... you could cook dinner with that kind of seething internet rage. Forget the avatar - if Katara lost her bending to Amon the show would become the Legend
United Forces fleet
of Katara :P. Though with the forth grandson born there may still be some tears.

But I digress...

Than at the last second.... Zukos Voice + "General Iroh" = Zuko has a Grandson too! WOOHOO!

Iroh (United Forces general)

Also It seems that...yes... despite my thoughts of the absurdities of Amon de-bending one by one - Amon is indeed going to line everyone up and de-bend one at a time. I don't know how much effort is needed to do this..but sheesh...that's quite a line. He intends to do all this to the entire world of avatar after he clames the city in full?!? Sheesh man...what do ya even say to that?

File:Koizilla Costume.png

I wonder what hides in the closet. In a week we shall know.

If there is no Koizilla moment I will be surprised.

I"Maxiumus"d (wallcontribs) 18:51, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

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