A shipping dedicated episode?!? GOSSIP!!?!?!?!? UGgggghhhh..... with the highest highs come the lowest lows. (Hint Hint) I really don't have much to say with the main theme of the episode being "Love is Confusing and Weird". The biggest thing for me from this episode is that Korra is a Healer. (I wonder who Tenzin liked too...just for the sake of the question.) Just an observation or two. Nothing too huge.

Bolin tries WAAAAAAAAY to hard. Did you see when Bolin made a judgment call in the tie-breaker "Your head isn't in this...let me do this"... that is authentic Bolin (a glimpse of a boy being a man)...everything else is a young boy still unsure on how this love thing works. I wonder how that shoulder of his is going to affect him in the Championships.


When people quip like Tahno does it is often a ruse. Even if he and his egotistical team are very skilled (which it certainly seems to be) it is often a cover for serious character flaws...just like the eye liner.

There is naturally a reason that this episode is so...low key. It's likely part of the reason they didn't show the preview for the next episode. I find that very...telling.

Next Episode is going to be BIG.

May "12" Edit: It is a pitty I have been so swamped with things to do that I have been unable to come back and finish my thoughts (which is why I have't put the 'ol john hancock at the end of this blog post). I wanted to highlight why this episode mostly didn't work and yet how "Cave of Two Lovers" pulled the same basic thing in a much more entertaining fashion...but that ship has come and gone and I am thinking forward.

The Revolution is upon us....and Tomarrows Episode is going to be BIG (just as I thought). I look forward to blogging about it. Based off the little preview that is seen at Korra Nation - Amon is working on villainizing Benders (Much like Nazis did to many Jews), and thanks to the early previews it's pretty safe to say that Tahno is going to lose his ability to bend. more thing ---><---

This is a picture of "Various character designs sketches for Triad members - the Triads are bending gangs that have infiltrated the streets of Republic City." One person (Top Second from the left) looks familiar to me... like we saw the person in a flash back.

Could this person be... Yakōne?

I will repeat this observation in my likely post tomorrow.

And ..while I am at it...Comments for this blog post are now disabled.

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