While this is very cliché for a beginning, I really don't have an idea on how to really start the flow on all that I want to say.  What & How do I say so much?

Do I review myself and all my blog posts? Let it known the second by second emotion and thought based recounts of the finale?  The story as a whole?  The Episode(s) as an Individual? -  Shall it be Some or All or None that I have just listed here.

And so I said to myself just say what you are saying, so here I am writing what I am keep the momentum. Let's start from the top.

As ...most likely... many of you know, Korra was to be a much more temporary affair. It was to be 12, but in the middle of production became 26. I have said before and I shall say it again... I have seen the effects of this decision make its impact on the story... and it has caused my thoughts on the matter to be intensely mixed - both shaken and stirred. It is why I have used up all this space, just so I have time to pry the words out where they hide. So here it is... here is what has left me so...I suppose - Confused.

The ending of the show summed up the story to be bluntly this; The Legend of Korra. Once Upon a time after Aang,  Nothing Happened. The end. That is Book 1 (or whatever) of Korra. The ending basically seemed to state that there was no consequents of actions. It almost as if nothing happened. This is very contrast to how events occurred in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

In Avatar: The Last Airbender, every ending hinted toward the future . When it ended, it gave all past episodes cadence and credit for its content; everything mattered, but left the viewer with a question.  While it was happily ever after for the sake of closure of the story... it still said (even at its VERY END)  life goes on. The world was still alive even after the story ended.

Book 1 of The Legend of Korra on the other hand turns out that most of the buildup of the book doesn't  really matter anyway. It just killed the ride; not to say I didn't enjoy it while it lasted. It's the reaction the story caused for me which I know to be not true; that being "I don't care".

I don't know if it's me...or just how perfectly tied the bow was for the ending, but it just ripped me out of the world. My reason to care just seized. Stopped. Cold.

One of the main things  in this season was Korra airbending. I predicted that her lack of airbending was going to save her, but what I couldn't have predicted was the how. How would it be done so this entire seasons work up meant something. I don't know about anyone else but I can guess that we all were rooting for Korra this entire season to Airbend, I cannot tell you how ELATED I was when she used the airbending foot work in A Leaf in the Wind. It felt like I was rooting for a daughter or some emotional...*erm* stuff.  So what did they do?

Do things *click* & sink in and click like Tenzin said?  - No

Does she find out why she is unable to air bend and (to be blunt) fix it? - No

Could I give a third thing - Absolutely! Here it is! XD

After a whole seasons build up what essentially ends up happening is Amon "takes" her bending, leaving the only thing she is currently unable to do;  Airbending. Bada bing like a switch things flip - What can't be done can & what can be done can't. Just like that  she now an airbender. That's it. Lame. Lame. LAME.

 Is it hypocrisy that I felt oddly lied too?

Zukos Grandson? Too little air time to really care - having seen what Zuko could do, the little we saw wasn't enough to have impact. Fun to watch but just a teaser.

All the people who "lost" their bending... it can be fixed. I think we found this out WAY too soon, or at least not in the proper manner. We could have had a whole season on JUST this very subject. Think about it. The rebuilding of the people. Of A disabled avatar learning to cope with less standard power then  all former avatars (except in the avatar state). I imagine such a thing would be hard to write, but it's interesting. Which is more then what I can say - or have said - for this finale.

In the end no one really learned anything, and all that changed was basically put back in place. Neat as a bow.

The worst thing of it all though? Replaybility. The biggest problem with mysteries is their full impact (more so then other genres) is only there for as long as it is new. Our knowing the answers makes this 1st "Korra Book" less fun to rewatch. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy observing work well done. I enjoy (much like all of us here) the primal thrill of all the "bending" and kicking ass. But at its very heart - the story - it is used. And... unless we forget (and quite frankly if you are a fan this is unlikely for) such a thing can't be undone.  Become Unused.

Worse still - all we have to compare this book (at this time of writing) is the original work that sparked this sequel in the first place. As it stands It just automatically loses in comparison. Can anything ever out do or improve the original reason you became a fan? Such is a very tough order to go against. It is vast and dynamic - person to person.

In the end the story as a whole was... interesting. I did enjoy seeing the world expanded as it was and of course of the Gaang all grown up into their respective places.

And now I would like to say thank you to you dear reader - Thank you. Regardless of how many of my posts you have read I hope you have felt them worth your time. I hope they helped you ask questions you might not have asked otherwise regardless of them turning out right or wrong. I hope they helped your enjoyment of the show as we wondered along together of each events turn. I hope to be able to do this again. I hope you will join me.

In till then - Stay Gold ;)

I "Maxiumus" d

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