Oh weren't ready for this. I shall do what I can.

"When I was a boy my family and I lived on a small farm. We weren't rich and none of us were benders."
Amon in The Revelation
"'The Firebender' killed my family... and then took my face"
Amon in The Revelation
"Since the beginning of time... the sprits have acted as guardians of our world... and they have spoken to me. They say the avatar has failed humanity...that is why the sprits have chosen me to usher in a new era of balance. They have granted me a power that will make equality a reality. The power to take a persons bending away ...permanently."
Amon in The Revelation
"Only the Avatar has ever possessed that ability "
Tenzin on the ability to take bending away.

First I have to it me ...or is Korra oblivious to the word finesse

I mean I am "yelling at my screen" ...


-Then I see the preview for the next episode-

()ノ彡┻━Y U NO UNDERSTAND!!!!!!

As for the revelation its self...this...This is HUGE. Where do I do I word this... this is more than just the surface.

What a quagmire. This effects everything. The ENTIRE WORLD of Avatar. Please...allow me to explain. If we take things by the words, than a pawn. A Sprit as conspired against the Avatar (Sprit).

This...IS HUGE.

The very thing that "is to keep balance" has started a forest fire. Just as water runs downhill, the human heart also tends to revert to its basist instincts. (That is a quote from GiTS 2nd Gig by the way)

With that said..I'm going to quote something I saw yesterday In Amon's part of the wiki. The person was ANON so I can't give full credit for the quote but I have invited said Anon. It's the least I could do.

"Amon is a revolutionary fighting against people in higher positions of power. In this case, it's the bending elite and the policital body of Republic city (run by benders, remember?)

Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Ho Chi Minh, Castro, Guevara, and Zedong were revolutionaries fighting against people in higher positions of power. In this case, it was rich businessmen, entrepeneurs, clergy, and any politician who wasn't on their side. Amon's organization, the "Equalists", are fighting on behalf of the lower class and want to bring "equality" by forcefully ridding the world of bending. Notice how the Equalists are willing to use force and terror, similar to how communist revolutionaries used force and terror to coax people to join their cause. One of the pillars of communism is "equality". Communists fought against people whom they perceived as being better off and more wealthy than others. They also went after people who were gifted or skilled in some way, forcing them to join their cause or be painted as an enemy. Notice how benders are the "gifted" people of the Avatar universe. This makes them natural enemies of the Equalists. Many communist revolutionaries were painted as criminals or anarchists, so they were forced to go underground and hide their identities. Notice how the Equalists are all masked and operate secretly. We don't even know what Amon's face looks like, and we don't even know what the Lieutenant's real name is. The secrecy is there for a reason. If the Equalists want to succeed, they need to keep their enemies ignorant of their nature and motives. You noticed how the Equalists fight? They basically fight like ninjas, using stealth, ambush, and guerrilla tactics. This is very similar to the way communist revolutionaries fought. Because communist revolutionaries were usually not as well equipped as their enemies, they had to use guerrilla warfare and took advantage of the element of surprise. If anything, the Equalists are more like communists. The only Nazi-ish characteristic I noticed from them is their strong hatred towards benders. This is an example of prejudice, something that Nazis were notorious for. Even then, it's not like communists weren't prejudiced or discriminatory in themselves. Anyways, I applaud Bryke for making the equalists a non-cliche allegorical Nazi villain. We need to see more communist/socialist/egalitarian/collectivist baddies. "

— A anonymous contributor

I too applaud Bryke.

On that note I would like to add that Amon may also garner some traits from Mussolini, and that this will characteristically intensify in how he uses is followers and his power in later episodes. So with that in mind I take back what I said in my last blog post... Amon absolutely calls the kettle black. This is because of the nature of his motives - which at the time was speculation.

As I said in an edit of my last blog post... What we saw Amon do in "The Revelation" did have the effect similar of energy bending...but It was not shown in the same way. At this point we do not know if what we saw is indeed energy bending or something else of the same effect. I have mentioned in the comments of my last blog post that it has been my thought that bending is based off both sprits and chi. I surmised this form the existence Avatar Sprit, of Tui (Yue) and La and Guru Pathik.

:Let me show you something:

Aang and Lion Turtle

Look at the points. Bending the Heart & Mind. The Glow.

-As I recall... Amons motions were of the back of the neck being grasped (not currently shown)

and the forehead pressed L hand-.

-There was no glow.-

Zolt being bloodbent

Perhapts one is of Sprit...and one is of Chi.


Sokka facepalms


Now there are those who have decided to take the ever progress-killing logic of conspiracy and declare/propose that all this stuff we see Amon do was faked - the evidence being that its possible that they could have done such with the technology that exists in the avatar world of Korras time.

Just because you

imagine it's possible doesn't make it


What they have provided to backup their claims is essentially "anything is possible". As I have said before- The moment we allow our thinking to go so deeply on that tangent, everything becomes a metaphorical sneeze (much like conspiracies). It's the easy path to a solution in a moment you have no idea what is going on.

In such a case- just take the high road just say "I don't know"...and allow yourself to be wiser for the ware.


With that said please look at the Lion Turtle Quote.

The lion turtle is ancient for it to know such a thing. With that in mind we can then presume that the Sprit(s) that gave Amon his ability is also ancient, and perhaps older than the avatar sprit. We know of Koh, Tui & La go into that catagory of "ancient spirts", but I think it is of a Sprit we are not aware of yet. In other words...No...even though Amon would be a pretty good poster boy of Kohs doing - it doesn't match up with his known motives regardless of his spite for the behavour of a past avatar. This question will have to be answered in time. So it is best not to dwell on it too much...if at all.

I am also wondering if Mako and Amons firebender is the same person (or sprit)...and there for of interest. Again this question too will have to be answered in time. So it is best not to dwell on it too much...if at all.

What I am pondering is how Amon is going to have full equality. What is he going to do? Force every bender into a line and De-bend them? Or perhaps " Amon ...(using technology) [that] enhances" his ability to De-bend people. Even then...this "De-bending" better be pretty thorough...otherwise in about 200 years all these shenanigans will be for nothing when the childrens children can learn from the original benders again - and from that - the scrolls hidden by the inevitable resistance. After all...

"No Bender is safe."
— Tenzen talking to Korra in "The Revelation"

I look forward to the next episode...hopefully we can get something a bit more concrete than just simple observations. This is of course presuming this wiki does not troll itself into oblivion.

-I"Maxiumus"d (wallcontribs) 18:39, April 21, 2012 (UTC)

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