"12 years ago the Agni Kais Triad robbed Sato mansion; A firebender killed Sato wife during the break in."
— Tenzin to Korra in "The Aftermath".

I had my suspicions but I didn't mention them in my last blog post. Turns out they were correct...though I am surprised that they just laid it all out in just one episode. Usually they would just give hints and then we would have to figure out the red herrings (like Cabbage Corp blatantly was) from the truth, but I suppose this episode was made when the total number of episodes was 12 not 26. More fun for us I suppose.

It's good to see things the Gaang taught their respective children. Seeing Lin Beifong perform her mother's trade mark Seismic sense & Tenzin (who we finally get to see do some air bending ) performing a version of Aangs Air Scooter in the form of a Monowheel.

But these things are obviously not the highlight of the episode. It's Amon's Machine.

File:Mecha tanks.jpg
Finally after much wonder we finally get to see what some viewers noticed in the blueprints at the end of initial first episode. I've already seen some people declaring "I KNEW IT" or something of the like, but they are simply indulging in false hubris. It really doesn't matter who, as long as the information observed is sound, and that it is made aware for the masses.

But I digress. Lets' keep this blog post productive. As was stated in this weeks episode these "Mecha tanks" as they are officaly called are made of platinum, which is extremely refined so that it will be immune to metal bending (It also resists corrosion remarkably well). It should be noted that platinum can be hazardous to your health (PDF link) with exposure to its salts. As we saw...platinum is highly conductive. This could be the Mecha tanks achilles' heel. It should also be mentioned that areound the wiki I have seen some people say that around the wiki I have seen some people say that it is susceptible to heat. Im not sure why they would say that since it would say that sience it would take 3,214.4°F/1768°C to melt said metal. Unless Sozin's comet is swinging by early... I don't think firebenders can create that temperature. To say anymore than that would be speculation. I would suggest korra find out what the power source is of the Mecha tank to figure out how this thing might be stopped.

What else do you say to a parent...but "I love you" before declaring your disagreement in a physical flowing self-defense fashion. I look forward to finding out what her fighting style is based off of. While I still disagree with the quickness of how Asami was added into the character roster, I can understand the fullness of the situation, and in turn sympathize. Welcome to the group Asami Sato. It's a pity it isn't under better circumstances. That said... I still find your quote about permission and forgiveness alarming. There is often a reason for permissions... information is fickle like that. That said...had you asked permission Korra would had probably never of over herd your Father. Always in motion the future is.


The interesting thing in the above quote is "Please - Forgive me". But...For what? For there to be forgiveness there must be the feeling of had done wrong. There for I think there is more to it...and it's going to probably come down to who he feels more for.. Love of his daughter or the Despising of Benders. I find Myself asking if Hiroshi Sato is asking himself what he knows is the truth...but then lies to himself to keep himself comfortable.

So with that... things have now become truly unhinged. The Line has been drawn. That's not to say we won't be seeing more in the future... but right now it feels about right. We have our selves a new group.

We now have our ever cliché sides of "Good" and "Evil"...more or less. Speaking of cliché it just me or do firebenders just simply specialize in pissing off the world into unbalance like some kind of unofficial subconscious talent. This is a the third time we have heard about "a firebender" doing something which has in turn chnaged and shaped the events Korra is currently facing. I would not be surprised if this "firebender" was...something else. Of that I say no more for now.

It should also be noted that Hiroshi Sato is of Fire Nation lineage. As a non-firebender who had linage in the Fire nation, it is he who is funding the unbalancing of the world. While this is at the moment not REALLY all that important...and shouldn't be read into all that much...It's still an interesting pattern to say the least.

The question is...What is next?

How do you stop what Amon has started? How does it relate to the Flashbacks Korra has seen?

I suggest a reread of all my blog posts up to this point since I seem to keep coming back to them . I think...for example that the biggest thing that has been unexplored is HOW Amon gained his ability to remove bending (which I ask in one blog post) and How he intends to wash the planet clean of all bending (which I talk about also In another blog post).

And of course the most important question that THIS episode raised is...What does it mean when Lin Beifong- the daughter of Toph Beifong says:

Oh...I think we know. I think we know that we don't know, but know enough to know what we don't know is going to KICK FREEKIN' ASS!

(☞゚ヮ゚) ハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ / / *BOOM* (┛◉Д)┛彡┻━

| Yes. This. So intill the next episode...Stay Gold. |

I"Maxiumus"d (wallcontribs) 20:07, May 19, 2012 (UTC)

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