I think this is why....

* Speech-Less *

I'm haveing a particully hard time with this one. There is simply so much to say.


I've long had my suspicions with Tarrlok. So many suspicions. Pretty much all of which I have let largely unmentioned - I had nothing to go on. As far as we saw he was a slimy politician where his goal trumped all others - nothing new there. I just made note of it - and moved along unable to say anything more. That said - if your going to have a cover politician is the way to do it.

Then this episode aired - and now all my suspicions have a degree of merit. That's pretty big all things considered. Since there are too many to list I shall mention the main three.

These thoughts are:

  1. Tarrlok is the Sprit I mentioned in one of my very first Blogs. If Tarrlok is a sprit that would explain Bloodbending on a Waxing Crescent moon.
  2. Tarrlok is Amon. If Tarrlok is Amon than he has full power of "his plans". I wonder if they have invented colored contacts yet. Take note of how and WHEN the Flash back triggers. We are starting to see a pattern here.
  3. Tarrlok is Yakōne. If Tarrlok is Yakōne ...than... well....we don't know what the means right now. That said it's this thought that inspired this week's title. you see is THAT for a thought. Take note of how and WHEN the Flash back triggers. We are starting to see a pattern here.

It could be any of these or variants of them. Mix and Match. There are so many things I could say with these three Main ideas that I could fill the blog fully with them. Just keep note of these three main variants in mind.

Speaking of Yakōne - did you know that Yakone is a phrase meaning "blood in the snow" in an Inuit dialect. I didn't (I don't speak Inuit - Thanks Avatar Wiki!). Oh look... a flashback showing someone in shackles on trial mass-bloodbending. As per the pattern of how names usually have bigger meanings than just I identification in avatar (like Yue), I think it's a pretty good hand (at least for this kind of stuff) to say that the man in the flash backs is indeed Yakōne. Not confirmed...but pretty likely.

...And Aang Keeps Screaming it at Korra. Big things at work here. Big things.

This of course means we need to ask a question - In the years since the 100 Year war by the Fire Nation how has Bending Changed? Its Styles? Techniques? Its Disciplines?

Technically we could have asked this at the very beginning out of good 'ol fashioned curiosity - but with what we saw in "When Extremes Meet", this question now has a deeper meaning & purpose.

Also - Calling it right now - Tarrlok VS Tenzin. Let's see some Air Bending! Isn't that right Korra? I think why is deeper than anyone can tell. I don't think it's you just Korra - not at all. Worry not through... as the avatar location location location has intresting effects on events. You will be fine on where ever you are taken - You might even meet people for the first time again.

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