"No Bender is safe."
— Tenzen talking to (presumed) Korra in (presumed) "The Revelation" - Video (Legend of Korra "The Revelation" - Official Promo)

After watching the board on Amons wiki page being spammed by "Amon is Ozai" trolling for the past few days, I have decided to put down my own thoughts before more is revealed in this upcoming weekend on this seasons main antagonist Amon.

To start- WHO Amon is at this point does not matter. Amon is Amon - and unless we have something to work with/evidence that Amon is simply a cover for something or someone else, be it of the past or present, it shall remain this way (Amon is Amon).

What matters is WHAT.

Take a look at those words spoken by Tenzen. No bender is safe.

No. bender. is. safe.

-I'll let that sink in abit-




People who can spark fire from their finger tips - Command the stones to fly - Push and pull the water to command its vary structure - Breathe the wind like a mighty storm commands... is not safe.

Has that not intrigued anyone else? It seems so for I have seen little chat about it, though I admit I am still very new here.

Now the first thing that is thought by many people, and understandably so, is that Amon can energy bend and remove bending. There are of course many flaws in this initial thought. Of such we have heard from Amon in the trailers that he seeks to "achieve equality"... whatever THAT means. For him to denounce bending but at the same time use bending to meet his goals would make him what he is against. Based on the little promos that have been seen, Amon is no fool to call a kettle black (as the saying goes). Energybender he is not.

Now I must use a question to give an answer... Where does bending come from? Where was it learned? Why does the Avatar exist?

For the sake of not quoting the this wiki twice, I shall presume that you dear reader know enough about the world of avatar to continue- if not, look at Bending arts and Avatar to start.

So with that note down - lets get down to brass tacks. This is still on the "Amon Energy bending/Remove bending track" by the way. Golly I hope I can pull off the wording right.

If Amon seeks to remove all bending...then he is crazy. Not his idea - I can totally see why a non bender would feel oppressed by those who could bend (so forth and so on), but to remove all BENDING?!? Every single bender? Really?!? mean Badger Moles too right? And Air Bison? And the last known Dragons REN and SHAW? AND THE MOON (Yue) AND OCEAN Spirts?


In the world of avatar that is not equality... that is total destruction of everything. Would the sprits even allow such SHENANAGAINS?!?!

(This would look alot better if I could just get the image to show without a link >_>) that I have pointed out the fallacies of the "remove bending from benders" scheme that I have seen thrown around, this little rant does bring up a point.

What is amon going to do? Does it have anything to do with Amon's Machine[1]?

The only story points that I can think of at the moment that may give a Idea to Amons true plans would be from information somehow gained from Wan Shi Tong's Library or a Genocide of Benders & Political rule banning all bending.

Then there is this little thought which I will leave you with- Amon commands individuals with the knowledge of the art Chi Blocking. His Lieutenant (so I speculate) uses technology along with his skills to put him on and equal threat level to a bender (to a degree). With the idea of escalation in mind for the main antagonist, speculation infers that Amon knows something about chi and perhaps (using technology) enhances this...ability. I admit- it's a stretch, but its certainly more refreshing a original idea then the slop I have seen being spewed over and over in ever a linear fashion. >_>

And with that... I eagerly await the weekend, looking forward to what is (according to Korra) Impossible.

P.S -

P.P.S- :)

--I"Maxiumus"d (wallcontribs) 02:59, April 17, 2012 (UTC)

Edit: This edit will be edited when the time comes for it to be edited.

Edit 2: The time to edit is now. I"Maxiumus"d (wallcontribs) 15:41, April 21, 2012 (UTC) I will give full thoughts in a moment... The avatar part of the internet has Just EXSPLODED! With ...Shenanagians.

Let me just add this here "What we saw did the effect of energybendings ability...but It was not shown in the same way. At this point we do not know if what we saw is energybending or something else of the same effect.

Edit 3: Full thoughts in the below link

I had to make a new blog post got REALLY big. O_o

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