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Amon's Machine

Ok...lets...try this....again.

This blogs purpose is for "community discussion". So lets hear some thoughts!

Warning: The Original image is HUGE. That is all.

The image is of Amon looking contently at what seems to be a map of Republic city. The reason I made this is because of what seems to be next to said map. It appears to be a schematic of some machine. If 70 or so years ago the fire nation could make a huge drill to go through the wall at ba sing se, I can only imagine what someone could make now. I look forward to seeing what this...thing really is- if anything at all. I wonder how steam punk future episodes shall become. <---Temp link to picture. Most will want to click this. (640x376)<--- Temp link to ORIGINAL Size Picture. Again...Its Huge.(4767X2800)


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