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    While this is very cliché for a beginning, I really don't have an idea on how to really start the flow on all that I want to say.  What & How do I say so much?

    Do I review myself and all my blog posts? Let it known the second by second emotion and thought based recounts of the finale?  The story as a whole?  The Episode(s) as an Individual? -  Shall it be Some or All or None that I have just listed here.

    And so I said to myself just say what you are saying, so here I am writing what I am keep the momentum. Let's start from the top.

    As ...most likely... many of you know, Korra was to be a much more temporary affair. It was to be 12, but in the middle of production became 26. I have said before and I shall say it again... I have seen…

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    Tides of the Past

    June 17, 2012 by I"Maxiumus"d

    This Blog post is a Double Feature. The first half has been made before I have seen yesterdays (June 16th) episode. The Second half -after and of yesterdays episode. I am going to separate the two episodes with a multitude of pluses. The reason for this is so that if a person wants to comment on both, by default of how I have formatted my post we will be aware of the context. Or you could just name the episode your responding too...whatever. :P

    And so we begin...

    Is it just me or is this the first cartoon to give reference to a ...bathroom systems. What are these people?!?! HUMAN!?! ...Oh... right.

    Anywho there are a few main things that this episode brings up that I think should be talked about.

    The biggest thing first is we finally get some ans…

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    Life meets Death

    June 2, 2012 by I"Maxiumus"d

    I think this is why....

    * Speech-Less *

    I'm haveing a particully hard time with this one. There is simply so much to say.


    I've long had my suspicions with Tarrlok. So many suspicions. Pretty much all of which I have let largely unmentioned - I had nothing to go on. As far as we saw he was a slimy politician where his goal trumped all others - nothing new there. I just made note of it - and moved along unable to say anything more. That said - if your going to have a cover politician is the way to do it.

    Then this episode aired - and now all my suspicions have a degree of merit. That's pretty big all things considered. Since there are too many t…

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    The Eventuality

    May 19, 2012 by I"Maxiumus"d

    I had my suspicions but I didn't mention them in my last blog post. Turns out they were correct...though I am surprised that they just laid it all out in just one episode. Usually they would just give hints and then we would have to figure out the red herrings (like Cabbage Corp blatantly was) from the truth, but I suppose this episode was made when the total number of episodes was 12 not 26. More fun for us I suppose.

    It's good to see things the Gaang taught their respective children. Seeing Lin Beifong perform her mother's trade mark Seismic sense & Tenzin (who we finally get to see do some air bending ) performing a version of Aangs Air Scooter in the form of a Monowheel.

    But these things are obviously not the highlight of the episode. It'…

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    All of us... I mean....WOW....that was great. Like in an Ol' Time Bareknuckle boxing match I found myself yelling GIVE 'EM A LEFT!(*´`) A RIGHT! DO IT! (ω*)GO GIRL!!! DO IT!-DO IT!-DO IT!!!!(*´`) It even went so far as to trigger a muscle memory or two.


    OK THEN!! Let's get down to them Brass Tacks! Where...shall I start....

    Let's start with Lin Beifong who FINALLY got some true blue air time. We got to see what pretty much should have been expected from the daughter of the Grandmaster of Metalbending - Lin most certainly has skill with the metal cables. There was a lot of bending in this episode but this isn't the main thing that should be highlighted about this episode's history.

    While admittedly there wasn't much more of…

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