aka Samuel L. Jackson

  • I live in The Kashyyyk system
  • I was born on September 13
  • My occupation is Jedi Master/Avatar/ Samurai/ God/ Wiki founder(see Inside The Star Wars Universe Wiki)
  • I am God
  • Hunger91

    Avatar Poll

    May 30, 2012 by Hunger91

    Avatar is...


    11 Neutral

    12-15 Absolutely SUCKS

    1. God

    2. Beast

    3. Epic

    4. Awesome

    5. Superb

    6. Rocks

    7. A Higher than average Project

    8. Average


    10. Pretty good

    11. In the middle

    12. Below average

    13. Bad

    14. SUCKS

    15. WORST THING EVER!!!!

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