Title says it all. I'm no Makorra fangirl, as though the finale ruined the pairing for me, but was Mako Korra's first love interest?

Despite her being 17, it seems reasonable for Mako to be her first crush, as though she was found out to be the Avatar at age 4. She would've been caught up in her bending training even notice boys--or even care about them. Even as a young girl, she seemed to be a tomboy. From what we've seen from her early life, she didn't like to wear dresses or have ribbons in her hair, however their family seemed a little poor to get those things for the youngin. I still have no idea if her father, Tonraq, is the Chief of the South Tribe, like his brother who lives in the Northern Tribe.

After that, she's been "Immersed in bending [her] entire life" to take some words from A Leaf in the Wind, having no time for romances. Maybe, she's met a few boys in her life, like one of the Order of the White Lotus' sons', but then again, she doesn't seem to be too much of a girly-girl. And to take another few words from a fanfiction from another site that I read, "The Avatar always finds their love at first sight. They just know it's them." Is this true? It happened with Aang and Katara, as shown in The Boy in the Iceberg. And somehow, after having this little fight at the pro-bending arena before, they seemed to be staring out the window, Mako at Air Temple Island, and Korra at the Pro-bending arena. Despite the fact I don't usually spot romantic fuddy-duddies unless it's obvious, I did see those Makorra moments that'll make those rabid passionate shippers those "feels" they keep talking about. (However, I felt like laughing when I saw them sleeping on each other during The Revelation. Eh, I'm weird.)

Then came the 5th episode. DUN, DUN, DUN! Then those nosy but toddler adorable airbabies came up and asked Korra if she was having a romantic relationship with the guy. I'm not exactly sure how a teenager who's expected to have a thousand crushes already is supposed to react, as though I'm 13 years old and have only had one crush, but she seemed a little nervous and sought advice from two little girls who have most likely have never left the island once in their life, due to the fact that there is only a small amount of airbenders and they aren't experienced enough in the Bending Art to even leave and find any other boys. Pema comes in and tells Korra advice that's better than jumping in a volcano. And this sole piece of advice ends up with Korra being brought down. Yes, she confessed her love/crush to Mako. But, she ended up being brought down by the fact that he's dating Asami. There's actually another clue here that he might be her first crush. She acted so embarrased when he brought her down. At least now she has some experience in love now. However, Bolin asks her out on a date. Now, here comes the part I don't understand. Meh, you can take this two ways. She immedieatly (No idea how to spell that stupid word) accepts his offer. But this can be because she needs something to heal her broken heart. She wouldn't have taken this offer up so easily if she did have 10 crushes or boyfriends before this heart-break. But then again, she hadn't been crushing on him before, and only thought of him as a friend, as she told Mako after their date montage. However, even if she did have a ja-billion crushes before, she's quite sensitive and can be afraid, as proven in the previous episode.

And to save you the trouble of posting a pic of the first real Makorra moment, I don't think it'll come up any where in this blog. After Mako confessed his feelings about the Avatar, she kissed him. Considering Korra listens to her mind and not her heart, or the other way around. Maybe it's because she was thinking "OMG... WHAT DID HE JUST SAY!?" to put it in tweeny-bopper language. The kiss seemed more like impulse than planned. And she obviously didn't hear Bolin just waltzing around (But then again, it was dark out.). She broke his heart, which leads to his over-protective brother being angry. Meh. She should've thought the plan through, and that is another reason why her first crush might've been Mako. She has no idea how to control herself during her first crush (I know I did.) and seem to think whatever is in her mind.

There are little Makorra instances in future episodes, but those have little-to-no evidence to share in the blog post (I'm not including the finale.) And if you managed your way through my long explanations, good job! Long story short, it could be possible that Mako could be Korra's first crush, for the reasoning stated above. Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to hide myself from shippers who are raising their pitchforks angrily at me right now.

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