The time has come, I guess.

I'm leaving the wiki.

Although I've been on since July 28th, 2012, made many new friends in the process, and have even joined another wiki as well, I've decided that maybe leaving the wiki is the best option for me.

Why? I've gotten into new interests, I feel a little bored on this site, and I'm three weeks behind on my online classes. And the wiki is one of the main things distracting me from finishing my course and not leaving me behind - something I almost did last year.

And although I love Avatar, like I've said, I've gotten new interests. I want to take my mind off the wiki and read, or write, or maybe something from my never ending list of animes. 

I'll be writing my resignations for my user groups soon. 

To all the future readers, probably searching the archives months from now and finding this blog: I hope you're having a great time.

And I might be back when Book 2 starts. If it's good and I feel like coming back.

Also, on  a sidenote: If I were a fangirl to you, promise me you'll be a fangirl/fanboy 5evar *cough**cough*KFB*cough**cough*ATFF*cough**cough*

I know this is rather short, but this is all I can muster at the moment. 

Toodles, poodles. <3

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