IRC Guide

Hello ! IRC is AW's way of socializing with other users, which can be found here. Some users are confused about the way IRC works, such as how to change their nick or do actions. Here is my IRC guide. 640px-IRC_Guide_1.png

When you have arrived to the IRC access page, place in your Wikia nickname so people will know you. However, a nick on IRC can only be 16 characters long, with no spaces. Like my name for example, is too long. So I would use Humble instead.

If you have already used IRC in the past, you can put in your regular IRC nick.

Where it says auth-to-services, check the checkbox, and if you have a nick already registered, put in your IRC nick and password.

Please do the captcha below to have access to IRC.


You have now entered IRC! Some people have trouble finding the chatbox, because it's too similar to the background color of the wiki. It is below the chatroom, and is a lighter color than the rest of the page. You may chat with others in the chatroom then.

List of commands:

  • /nick - If you would like to change your nick, please do /nick *Your new nick here* with no stars. If I were to do it, it would show up like this:
== Humble has changed nick to Winry
  • /me - This is you want to do an action. Do /me *your action here* with no stars. If I were to do it, it would show up like this:
* Winry eats popcorn.
  • /quit This is if you want to quit easily without being ping-timeout or just don't want your quit simply be "Client Quit" You would do /quit *your quit here* with no stars. If I were to do it, it would show up like this:
== Winry [~chatzilla@unafilliated/humble] has quit [Quit: Bye]

If you would like a client, I would recommend Chatzilla and mIRC, which allow special features. Like when somebody were to post this emote: B) on Chatzilla, it would appear as a smiley wearing sunglasses. If you would like a cloak, like mine above, go to the channel #freenode and request one. However, this'll only work if your nick is already registered.


  • If your nick is already registered or in use, please use another nick. If you were to use one of my nicks, for example, Humblr, and I were on at the same time, I would be able to ghost you because that is a registered nick.
  • If you would like to register a nick, I believe you must do /msg NickServ register *email* *password* or vice-versa.
  • If you have an account and would like to place a nick, do /ns group.


Well, that's it! Those are the basics of the IRC. If you would to know its rules, you can find them here. If you need anymore help, you can ask people around the wiki or those logged in on IRC.

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