"He is outside of everything, and alien everywhere. He is an aesthetic solitary. His beautiful, light imagination is the wing that on the autumn evening just brushes the dusky window"
— Henry James

Katara awestruck
Hey ! I'm Humble! You may not know me (I'm starting to lurk here) but I'm hosting this writing contest for those with large imaginations. Yes, YOU! I know you're out there *Tries to find you at the corners of this large wiki.* Basically, I'm going to assign you a picture based on the first letter of your name. You have to look at that picture and come up with any idea that pops up in your head that's related to the picture,and according to the genre I assign you. I want you to amaze me, surprise me, make it so imaginative that it can even surpass me (According to my nick, I'm a Humble Imagination ;]) Want to skip this reeeally boring part? (Me points to the part below.)

Ways to submit

  • As a fanon.
  • As a blog post. (Most preferred in the form of a fanon.)

A-G (based on the first letter of your nick)

Aang meditating during the summer solstice


Iroh with Team Avatar


Fire Nation servants


A - Comedy

B - Family (Like stuff for kids)

C - Drama

D - Action

E - Crime

F - Horror

G - Fantasy

H - Noir (Like silent films)

I - War

J - Mystery

K - Adventure

L - Sci - Fi (Yah, I went there)

M - Romance

N - Thriller

O - Background (Like what happened to a certain character. If you have this, it must be your favorite character)

P - Equalist - related

Q - Pro-bending related

R - Sadness

S - Crossover

T - OOC (The character you think of is out of character)

U - Crack-ship

V - Z (Couldn't come up with anything else) - Poetry.

Participation box

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