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Today, I'm interviewing Fruipit, author of Together, which is a poetic oneshot entailing the death of Mako's and Bolin's parents. Fruipit is also the author of The First in a Long Line and The Legend of Aten

Q1: Hey Fruipit! How is your day?

Oh, just fantastic! I went to see an exhibition at the Queensland Museum about Mummies. Very interesting...

Q2: First off, what inspired you to write this oneshot?

Uhh, really, I just wanted to try my hand at a one0shot. I had never written one before, and was sick of doing series that failed or I became bored of.

Q3: Why did you write it in a poetic style?

It seemed the easiest. No complex dialogue, scene setting, it's purely interpretational for the reader.

Q4: Were there any other ways you would describe how Mako got his famous red scarf?

Yeah, but none of them seemed to fit. I suggested him playing, pulling it off his father, finding it in his fathers closet and wearing it, but none of these ideas showed how close Mako was with his father.

Q5: Will this evolve into a series of oneshots, like TAD's A Bird Could Love a Fish or Typhoonmaster's Elements of Life?

Perhaps. I have tried to write a few more based on Mako's relationships with his family, but they weren't nearly as eloquent. To write fanon's such as this one, I really have to be in the right frame of mind. This one I wrote in about 20 minutes in my Law Lecture.

Q6: Would you write Mako's reaction to seeing his parents die any other way?

Probably anger. Maybe that's where he learns he is also a firebender. A one-shot of him coming to terms with being a bender of the element which killed his parents. I don't really know

Q7: If you were to write it in a narrative writing style, would the same events happen?

No, I don't believe it would be. I think it would be less interesting to read. I also think it would have a lot of useless crap. When I write shorter stories, I find the looser it is, the more room for interpretation, the better it is

Q8: The main picture of the story is hand-drawn; did you draw it yourself?

Why, yes. Yes I did :D I actually say a really awesome picture of Chibi Mako, and really, copied it, but changed it slightly. You can see the original here (it's a lot better than mine). I enjoy drawing, but like my writing, I need to be in the mood for it. I can't just create things off the top of my head, I need inspiration of some kind.

Q9: Would you continue it into a longer story if you were able to?

No. I am perfectly happy with the length. I think if I were to change it, I would just add a few lines with more information, setting, characterisation etc.

Q10: Would you describe Mako's parents death scene in any different way?

How his parents died? No. I think that they always lived in a poor part of town. I actually received some of my inspiration from Batman, if you didn't pick up that vibe. I like the idea of them being killed by someone just as hard off as themselves. I tried to keep it separate and different from TAD's Scarf. I wanted to tell the story my way.

Q11: Thanks for answering the questions, Fruipit!

No problem! Thanks for asking them :D