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Today, I'm interviewing Fruipit, the author of The First in a Long.

1. Hiya Fruipit! How ya doing?

I'm fantastic. Finished a day at work (great time for me to think up plot points, I must say :P)

2. What's your fanon about?

My fanon, for those who haven't read it, is pretty much my idea of the very first avatar. It differs greatly from the only other 'first avatar' fanon I have read, which is the The First Avatar. I didn't like the idea of the first avatar being someone who could bend air, but there has been a lot of backlash against a waterbender being the first avatar (water, earth, fire, air). So, my avatar is a non-bender originally.

3. Who's the main character? What is her main goal in the story?

The main character is a 16 year old non-bender named Inna. She is the first avatar, and her goal is to prevent imbalance in the world. I won't tell you what that imbalance is, because, well, I haven't thought of it yet, but it isn't the standard war story. Hmm... I just thought of it haha! No, I won't tell you, as it involves a scene I am currently writing for the next chapter

4. Will she have any villians? Love intrests?

Uhh... The villain is her love interest. One of her love interests. It will be a Toph v Xin Fu/Master Yu kind of villainy. I don't believe that there will be a true villain yet, just people who stand in her way each chapter. I haven't actually thought of a true, over arching villain yet. Kind of playing it by ear...

5. What inspired you to make this story?

Really, I just wanted to try an original story, with original characters. My other fanon was a spectacular fail, so...

6. How long are you planning for Inna to master all the 4 elements?

Well, at the moment, she can't even bend the water she is surrounded in. But, I am going to do it a little differently. She will not be mastering them as Water, Earth, Fire, Air. It will be more like, 'Oh, look, I can bend this element, and this element, and this one, and, oh, all of them? Cool!'

7. Will she face any challenges along the way?

7 Definitely. What sort of story would it be if she didn't? It will, I think, be more internal challenges. The ones that are external will directly affect her mentally. Imagine Aang in Nightmares and Daydreams.

8. Can Inna access the Avatar State?

Not the Avatar State as we know it. As everyone who listens in school knows, the avatar state is a combination of all the avatars past lives, and she has none. Ergo, no Avatar State.

9. Does she face any villians jealous of her power?

Hmm, interesting notion. I hadn't thought of that, so as of this moment in typing, no, but it could become an underlying motive for a villain. Yes, yes I think it will be.

10. Can only Inna see Jingshen?

Are you a psychic? Because she cannpt see him yet, but it was a future plan, for him to appear like Roku did to Aang. Everyone could see him in fish form, but since she absorbed him, but since she hasn't woken up yet, we haven't had a good idea of how things changed since he disappeared inside her

11. Does Koh or Qian Shi Tong make another appearance in the later chapters?

Oh yes, very much so. They won't be integral to the plot, but will provide valuable guidance which Jingshen cannot give

12. Out of any character you have in the story, which would you rather be and why?

Oh, I couldn't say. I would like to be Inna, she is a lovely character, or will be, the more I write about her. But, I think I'm more like Kaio. His character is a lot more similar to mine.

13. Thanks for answering the questions!

Hey, no problem! They were fun and interesting

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