地球Hayden國王(Earth King Hayden)

aka Hte123


Today I'm gonna talk about people/things on the wiki and give them congrats/thanks. First I'd like to talk about this wiki in general, things I like and things that make the wiki great.

  • You are one of the few non-fanon wiki's to have comment boxes on pages
  • You apper to be more updated with new Talk Pages. On CP wiki you still had to Link your name, go into edit, and for rookies, be really confused. Here it is simple and user friendly, It links for you, no need to go into edit, and just type. Whoever did that is amazing and really smart.
  • You let anyone make a blog post as long it wasn't a wasteful thing on "My GF" or somthing. On CP wiki (I've seen alot of wikis but I really only got into this and CP wiki, so I'll talk about it alot) It is nearly impossible to earn that right.
  • Finally, You have Achievements, alot of wikis got rid of this, this makes it easy to get to hard workers pages.

Now I'd like to thank some fellow wikiens. They have been really helpful to me and other and/or are an athority in Avatar.

  • Mysteria Femina - I met you when I was on Goblin Queen's Wall. You got my comment in you Notifications, and you knew how fix the little glich, that was smart. Soon after I saw your comments everywhere, and you seemed to know alot, and your kind too. Thanks to you
  • Vulmen - (Admin) You where the first person to respond to my first blog post, so I knew you connected around here. You too apper to smarts in Avatar too, though I don't run into your comments that much. Thanks for everything. Also I love the little prayer on your page, I heard at church and I was surprised
  • The Bos - (Admin) Your are #1 on this wiki with 10,240 points and 26,257 edits. You have a ton of fanons, and there great and popular. Your comments are often and well written. You have vast knowlage of Avatar. You have my, and many others, thanks.
  • Water Spout - I see you comment spring up lately, and you too have great smarts. You help out in the war room alot, and help in the Ba Sing Se Times. You are Great, and I thank you.
  • Lady Lostris - (Admin) Same With WS, you help out alot at the war room, so you and WS help with the big stuff. Thanks.
  • Dcasawang1 - (Admin) You comment alot and tell people the facts if they are confused. You are great thanks

Even if I didn't say your name, I thank you.


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