I want to start a Fanon and I got some Ideas, but I want you do deside which one I should do

All will be 5 episodes per season with 3 seasons.

  1. The Stories of Aang. The same story, but one thing Sozin never gets to start the war, and the monks don't tell him he's the Avatar, and the Air Nomads live. But soon Bumi learns the truth. We'll meet Kuson and young Bumi, Appa and Momo's Grandpa, junji. We get to see aang countless adventurse.
  2. Yangchen's story. We learn about Yangchen. She has a brother but never marries. She becomes very sereous about being the Avatar. Their is a Tyrant is about to start a campain to take the world and Yangche will even kill to save the world, but she'll make a HUGE mastake.
  3. The Legand of Sud. This one is a little hasey, but is abotu the Earth Avatar after Korra. Man, he'll be 19 and a Sokka/Zuko kind of Avatar.

Tell me which one ya like in the comments.

EARTHING OUT 20:07, May 22, 2012 (UTC)

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