• Hopez4900

    Late Thoughts

    June 20, 2012 by Hopez4900

    Ok, My thoughts on Amon, simple, and well I need it out of my head, so here we go.

    Ok, big question who is Amon, as we all know he is a person with a mask, simple. really funny, the ideas of Amon being Zuko, Bumi, Aang, Hiroshi, Asami or Koh The Face Stealer to me it doesn't fit his profile or personallity, yes that can be a posibility but I don't think so. Anyway what would Koh get from this. But I like the idea of him being a robot I mean came on, The Terminator, I like The Terminator.

    I just fininshed watching the LOK Episodes 3-9, 10 later.

    Amon had to have Good Education cause as we all know he 's a clever, sharp and don't forget a calculating person. Very light on his feet Amon is, so training is a big thing. I'm thinking MMA/UFC master…

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