Knowing that the avatar series will stop after Korra as its suppose to be short, maybe the creators or someone else who knows how to write a good plot should have new chapters for the avatar series such as make a new avatar series for a new avatar such as an earth bender who should be around ages 17-19 after Korra, who not only tries to master the other elements (but he or she has already) and not only the avatar state, but have chapters solely for other skills for example after the avatar masters all four elements he or she will try to 1: metal bending, book 2: lightning bending, book 3: (i don't know the sub-skill for air), book 4: blood bending, then the opponents to the avatar (the earth incarnate) would be the spirits from the spirit world as we have yet to see many of the other spirits from the avatar world as they deemed that the avatar has become too strong and that humans have polluted and exterminated ancient species such as the dragons and lion turtles, so the spirit world vs the mundane world, as spirits are transversing the realms to attack the mundane world and chi blockers can have their go at fighting the spirits too and not only the benders, as the chi blockers can block the spiritual pathways (or the chi) of the spirits attacking the mundane world. And since technology seems to be big in legend of korra so after her technology may become more advanced, weapons can be made to go up against BIG spirits as we know how powerful the spirits can get such as Hei Bei, the panda and La, the black fish ocean spirit...that would make a cool series and also make a main character to be the element Earth as ALOT of series always uses AIR as a main character.

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